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  1. We have been asking this for several weeks as well I think once the renovations are finished at that side of the arena it will then be moved and hopefully replaced.
  2. Since taking over the running of the match day advertising sign at the start of last season we(SLO COMMITTEE) have had zero issues.Unfortunately due to staffing issues and annual leave the sign was updated slightly later than planned for the forthcoming Motherwell and Annan bet fred cup matches.However we will be back on track for the remainder of the season hopefully you will also have noticed that several volunteers cut back the branches which were causing an obstruction and cleaned and painted the sign. We also secured sponsorship of the sign and match day posters from the Queens trust which is a great help financially.
  3. Totally agree was one of the few players I would have kept out of last seasons squad a good honest hard working professional.Does all the dirty work that some times goes unoticed will be a loss but it was always going to happen.
  4. Always have said that there should be no fixtures schedulded on international dates especially the lower leagues the tartan army is full of fans from the like of Queens and Falkirk. Queens will loose a fortune the hospitality was sold out for the Falkirk match but for a midweek fixture lucky if we get 20 paying punters throw in the fact its a midweek journey for the Falkirk supporters who usually bring a decent support on a Saturday but this will be badly affected.Another financial hit Queens could do without
  5. Once again Alan Martin seems to be the scape goat for another tight defeat I must have imagined his save from the free kick in the first half plus countless other games home and away he has kept us in the game.Not much mentioned regarding the fact that both Dobbie and Dykes were way off the pace against Dunfermline and have been for the 4 or 5 matches add in the fact that Low and Todd are both sidelined and have been the last few matches and we are asking the like of Wilson and Doyle to play out of position to accomodate . Cant see the fascination of Lee Robinson which some Queens fans seem to have he certainly made more howlers than Martin in his last spell fact is on our budget Martin is probably the best option we will get an average championship keeper who will make mistakes. Both teams were average on Saturday and nothing between either team
  6. The slo committee have organised another event which may interest a few folk on this site.For more information please email [email protected] All proceeds from this event will be donated to the club there are numerous dealers from across the uk coming along and there will be museum tours available free of charge.
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