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  1. Probs, just was wondering bc the odds changed so much. Would assume the bookies have some sort of understanding as to what’s going on to decide on odds
  2. Lennon and McCall now both 5/4. Does this indicate he’s maybe attended an interview?
  3. Think he was offered an interview which he turned down. What I heard anyway
  4. Would imagine they spend a lot of time with video analysis as well as scouting or whatever. I’m 99% sure they went full time with the new contract
  5. Lennon turned down Raith last year, a team he also has history with and that were a league above, and financially better off, than we were. On the radio he said it’s because he wants to bring Clyde up the leagues. I’m unsure about the whole thing but can’t see a financially broken and 9th placed thistle being that attractive an offer
  6. When he signed the new contract both he and Alan Moore became full time
  7. Also Danny must’ve had an idea the thistle job would most likely go up early this season after Caldwell scraped by last year, why sign such an extensive deal with us? (2 year + optional 2 additional)
  8. I am in two minds about this - Lennon has security at Clyde, a great squad who he has a great relationship with as well as great backroom staff. Thistle are struggling financially and the last thing he needs as he rebuilds his reputation is relegation. However, they can probably offer him more money. Depends what he values most. I’m concerned and would feel utterly betrayed if he went to the jags
  9. He had 1 start. Was standout when he came on against Airdrie in the betfred, got an assist within 2 mins of coming on against Rovers. One of the better players this side of the summer break imo
  10. Ross Lyon was class tonight. Very comfortable on the ball and passes to perfection
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