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  1. Who are we going to play at Lb other than McNiff?
  2. Most likely will want to loan someone in (which won’t happen until after the betfred group if they’re from a Scottish club). Every mistake we made today is something to learn from. We are threadbare at the back right now. We weren’t good enough today but there’s no reason to believe DL doesnt have this in hand
  3. Can guarantee you that our defence will secure at least a decent number of clean sheets this season. One competitive game against an SPL side and folk are writing them off already. I thought they looked decent, were genuinely unlucky with the first two goals, albeit at fault for the third. I also thought Howie was last man for the third as well
  4. 18 months ago Tom Lang was not Tom Lang. He was released by Dumbarton and Stranraer (both almost relegated last season) and now he’s off to the championship. Give Howie some time with Lennon. He won almost every header against their huge centre forwards and was good with the ball at his feet. Unbelievable how negative people can be. We were decent against an SPL side. Let’s see what happens on Sunday
  5. Yeah was definitely poor from Howie but I reckon it was more to do with worrying about a potential red and missing a defender for Sunday had he mistimed his challenge rather than his inability to stop the attack
  6. I actually thought the defence were not bad, first two accies goals were pot luck tbh, and if Howie had mistimed his tackle for the third he’d have been out for Sunday.
  7. Cowdenbeath only announced there’s yesterday
  8. noticed from some of the pics used on the website that the squad are in new training kits - surely this indicates we have a new strip on the way too?
  9. If they don’t play him much before Xmas we should be looking to Loan him imo
  10. Do we not have a reserve side? Sure Banks mentioned goals he’d scored playing reserves last season
  11. Also, did folk definitely see Beerman at the Linlithgow game? Cos I’d imagine Lang would’ve spoken to him about a move here. If he can’t get FT football anywhere, he might as well come to us to propel himself back upwards, that’s what Lang’s done after all
  12. I am not expecting much until the league season starts. I think Howie will need time to gel with the squad but I reckon he could become very good. Excited for the season ahead just hope we sort a new kit and some extra signings
  13. I disagree. DGW perhaps an exception but I don’t even think he was at his best for much of last season. Lang was routinely solid, won everything in the air, was fantastic with the ball at his feet, could take men on and his passing was impeccable. I can’t remember the last time I seen a Clyde defender as good
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