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  1. They should promote this guy... if he's still in United's coaching setup, I'm not sure
  2. Oh great, I'm literally going out with the worst men in the world.
  3. There were quite a lot of Kaiserslautern fans that came over for the European away day in Wales last year, as well as for a couple of league games this season too.
  4. Seems ok based off a quick glance at his wiki page, 10 goals in 25 appearances?
  5. Been linked with a right back playing in the faroes too. Seems too random for it not to have an element of truth about it https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/18511580.kilmarnock-plot-swoop-right-back-ari-olsen-stephen-odonnell-replacement/
  6. The RE3 remake is a third off until the 15th of June on Steam.
  7. If anyone's looking for an unusual German team to play with, I'd recommend Kaiserslautern in the third tier. Just managed to get them promoted back to the Bundesliga over the time of four seasons, where they were for most of the 2010's (I think).
  8. An example of why hearts will be playing in the championship at some point
  9. Anyone else listened to Ed O'Brien's first solo album Earth? Played through it a couple of times this weekend, first thoughts are that it's ok but not great
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