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  1. Treble for the champions league qualifiers tonight: apoel or draw double chance v ajax cluj or draw double chance v slavia prague lask linz to win against clubbe brugge All 3 teams playing away have poor away form currently, not much other reasoning besides that. Fiver returns £45 on 365.
  2. In the guy's interview he says AA has been watching him since December, so at least he doesn't seem to have been plucked out of nothing.
  3. Happy enough with that, pretty sure he'll be cover for Taylor and offers more cover at centre back too on top of Bruce.
  4. Give it time and it'll deteriorate into the car crash that the last match thread between us was.
  5. Yes he would. EDIT- Probably should've clarified, he would get ahead of Boli. Obviously wouldn't sort their defensive issues on his own.
  6. Yeah that's true, Angelo said that. Only known interest in players now supposedly is a left back from qpr, and it seems lafferty knocked an offer back from us.
  7. You could just do what the celtic fans did last time and make it comfier yourselves.
  8. Away win unfortunately. In the same way that every fixture between us at Rugby Pugby has been an away win since 2012.
  9. Is that our very own Gordon Sawers in the bottom left corner?
  10. We'll try to make sure the lights stay on this time, ok lads?
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