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  1. If anyone's looking for an unusual German team to play with, I'd recommend Kaiserslautern in the third tier. Just managed to get them promoted back to the Bundesliga over the time of four seasons, where they were for most of the 2010's (I think).
  2. An example of why hearts will be playing in the championship at some point
  3. Anyone else listened to Ed O'Brien's first solo album Earth? Played through it a couple of times this weekend, first thoughts are that it's ok but not great
  4. Really liking the new Tom Misch album on first listen.
  5. Any resident P&Ber's (haha get it) played this yet? I'm not sure whether to get it now when it's still full price after hearing the campaign is pretty short
  6. Had this sitting in my steam library for ages and I've just started playing it the last two weeks. Spent a decent amount of time completing Leon A, blasted through Claire A and I'm on Leon's 2nd run currently, just got to the sewers. I had no prior knowledge about the ability to activate Mr X a lot earlier in the 2nd run, what I'd done was try and rush about getting weapons and shortcuts/doors open early. Came out the stars office getting the collectibles in there and shat it seeing the big guy come round the corner Had to do all 3 medallions with him searching around + most of the zombies and lickers still alive cause I'm one for conserving ammo
  7. Pretty cool. Use headphones
  8. My Name Is Jonas - Blue Album, Weezer Bone Machine - Surfer Rosa, Pixies (Depends if you consider this their first album when Come On Pilgrim exists, in that case Caribou is a nice opener too).
  9. Oasis, Definitely Maybe - Rock n Roll Star Stones Roses self titled - I Wanna Be Adored
  10. Daft Punk Is Playing At My House on LCD Soundsystem's debut is a cool opener too.
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