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  1. Gerrard probably came to his senses and realised he was nowhere near good enough to be playing in a team trying to compete with Celtic for the title. (I mean Jones in this instance)
  2. Can see Killie being 10th-12th after the next two games.
  3. Yeah it’s pretty unlikely. We have apparently enquired about bringing him back though
  4. We stopped keeping clean sheets after big Stu got injured for a few months, there after Branescu started letting more in, mainly because he was having to face more shots because the defence wasn't as good at conceding chances. The guy can't command his box, hardly communicates with the defence and while he's tall at 6ft 5 he's really clumsy. His kicking is atrocious too. The free kick that he let in against Motherwell in the game before Christmas is probably the best example, although there's definitely more. His organisation of the wall was a genuine headscratcher.
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