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  1. Yeah just about halfway through the castle area now, really enjoying it so far There's a reference to the RE4 merchant in one of the Duke's voicelines, nice touch
  2. I can't wait until the summer when 90% of this squad is fired into the sun Only players I'd keep are Lafferty, Burke, and Kiltie
  3. Yeah the game's release date is May 7th I think PS4/5 is getting a new castle section demo at some point today
  4. Village section demo is out for PS4/PS5 later today I think? Other platforms seem to be getting it later over the 1st-2nd of May
  5. It's not just the defence, the midfield needs completely refreshed in the summer too.
  6. Lafferty is going to finish our top scorer despite only arriving in February isn't he
  7. No idea of the specifics but I'd assume Mulumbu, Lafferty, Broadfoot, Burke, Dicker, possibly Power will be Killie's top earners.
  8. I can predict that whoever loses this fixture will end up getting relegated.
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