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  1. New UMO single came out yesterday
  2. True. Equally I could see an ayr or a morton go for him with the whole "experienced leader at the back" patter, there's no chance he'll be staying in the Premiership if he keeps playing anyway
  3. Pinnock was dreadful and only started turning up towards the end of the season, was non-existent throughout the other 3/4's of the season Not too fussed about Kiltie either- was evidently one of the players in that hopeless squad with a decent amount of technical ability but had a tendency to go invisible in 3-4 games for every good game he had, and on that basis is nowhere near consistent enough to build a team around. There was no chance Lafferty was going to stick around in the championship, will probably end up at one of Hearts/ St Mirren/ Motherwell, possibly United too. Broadfoot will probably be playing in the juniors for Darvel or something if he doesn't retire. Bloke is absolutely finished as a professional player
  4. Anyone watched any of the Berserk anime adaptions? Just finished watching the 1997 anime series for the first time today, and fucking hell the ending hits like a truck. Definitely in the mood to start reading the manga now, got a lot to catch up on though...
  5. Just realised I've been done there, it's a parody account
  6. This. The club gave average, past-it players like Dicker and Broadfoot too much power based off of one good season.
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