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  1. I believe this is the first chance under Dyer’s tenure for us to go 4 games unbeaten. (Yes, I know)
  2. Couldn't see a thread for this anywhere, so the excitement must be too much to handle. A draw or a loss here probably means the end of Dyer assuming he's still sticking to his points target of 7 from 12 from our last 4 games. Unfortunately I think any positive result here for Killie would only paper over the cracks, so for that reason it will be a narrow shitey home win.
  3. Rogers has probably been player of the season for us so far, had a couple of shaky moments but he's bailed us out in games more often than he's made mistakes. He's definitely been an upgrade compared to Branescu and Koprivec from last season. Waters seems like an ok squad option but I don't think he's a starter at prem level, very hesitant to get forward and gets beat by his man too easily a lot of the time.
  4. Think Goodwin will have to do the honourable thing and resign if we manage to somehow string 2 wins together.
  5. Yeah Dyer needs to go after this, awful hoofball shite again
  6. I'm in shock that Dyer will still be in charge for this, tbqhwy.
  7. If Aberdeen win (they will), it'll be very hard to make a case for Dyer to stay.
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