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  1. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    You should ask G-Man. He was trying to bring the subject up on the last page.
  2. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Sectarian singing at games is not on. However, it seems to be the key arguing point for the last couple of pages, mainly being fuelled by Aberdeen fans. Singing aside, Aberdeen were rotten today and should get nowhere near a cup final. I very much doubt the singing had any material effect on the game although you'd think it was the game changer as far as Dons fans go. It wasn't. I'm surprised they haven't rolled out the old 'Brown did it at Pitoddrie' line or brought the Logan story back to life in order to make things look worse.
  3. Scottish Football Crisis Thread

    Crisis? What crisis? There is no crisis IMO. There’s a bunch of arseholes who can’t seem to behave themselves at football matches but I don’t think there’s a crisis.
  4. steven gerrard

    No it’s no. It’s pish. You’re only saying that because you’re a Ger. Slippy could spunk in your eye and I would bet you’d still love it.
  5. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    It's nothing new. Going back a few years the head bods (Wullie Waddell I think) said the same thing in a documentary in 1974. Great documentary too, one of the lesser seen ones but actually one of the better ones. He said that after a bad results for the Gers "then the wife would get a slap". It still happens too with statistics to back it up. Provided the link although I can't remember where in the documentary he says it. I imagine that once the Bears see this they'll be wanting to demonstrate against everything German and stop driving BMW's, which they've probably 'stollen'.
  6. Hibs vs Rangers

    Usually it’s sharing a a bed with their sisters and pumping them silly.
  7. Folks. Trying to track down a photo I saw on here a while back but for the life of me I can't find it. The photo is of a single glass patio style door with some some Rangers speil all over it I'm stickers, with lots of spelling mistakes. Anybody help?
  8. Rodgers Repents

    Recruiting Seethie G as his assistant? There's not enough greenies for a comment like that. Ha ha.
  9. Offensive behaviour

    There should be a fifth choice answer to question 1 - Rangers.
  10. Rodgers Repents

    Now that it's all settled down and he's planning on how to spend his millions, I found it amusing that the first target he's being linked with is Morelos. Don't really like wee Freddo but would pish my breeks laughing if Rodgers signed him and loaned him straight back out - to Celtic. What else could Rodgers do to build bridges with Celtic? Funny answers only please.
  11. Accies v Sevco

    These guys are really the worst of the worst. Despite all the bad press and opinions of the sane, they continue to mock Clarke.