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  1. No. Not really but someone obviously does. Why? Do you not think it’s funny? I found this on Gumtree whilst looking for second hand training kit and thought I’d share it seeing as he’s in the news a lot. I just thought I’d post it up to share like half the pish you post up.
  2. Belter Benny. Wasn’t this the flight/they took when they travelled to Greece or Cyprus or something like that? Remember seeing this in the daily Rag.
  3. Please bring back Lolcatz. Would be so much fun giving Levein that treatment.
  4. I wonder how a newly formed club feel about having an official partnership with another newly formed club who are being hammered for racism. f**k, they must be desperate to be noticed as Rangers are.
  5. Has to be said that Hearts really are, and have proven today, that they are by a country mile the best team in the capital. There is no doubt about that. I wonder if Hibs fans have the same sense of inferiority to Hearts as Rangers have to Celtic? Hearts are Hibs’ overlords. They own them.
  6. That’s racism for you. Looking forward to them letting the guise slip soon and showing they were never really serious about ditching the songbook. 50000, 47000, 44000, 41000 etc.... Numbers lowering quicker than a capital interest mortgage.
  7. Just imagine. The ‘78 World Cup has just finished and Ally McLeod has come good on his promise to bring the cup home. You’re so excited that you decide to write a letter to your Granny who lives in the deepest, darkest corner of Wales to tell her that Scotland have won the World Cup as she lives alone and doesn’t have a telly or radio as she’s a poor pensioner still recovering from the Winter of discontent. You hastily write your letter, hand trembling with joy and excitement and then race down to the Post office to purchase one of these wee beauties. You swish the saliva around your mouth before plastering the back of it before slapping onto the front of an envelope that carries a message that may enduce a coronary in said Granny. Well, that’s what you may have been doing if we hadn’t pissed on our chips yet again and invented another way to exit a tournament in grand fashion. These were the two stamps that the Royal Mail had on standby hinting that the authorities must’ve believed there was a chance of us actually doing it. Also included is one from Liberia.
  8. Totally right. Sad day for all. On the flip side though it annoys me that it takes an illness to someone like Ricksen to bring together rivals who persistently goad each other and trample across any sense of decency. If people can show respect towards Ricksen, and each other in the occasion of his death, why can’t they be like this all the time. RIP Fernando. Thought the wee c**t was a total psycho on the pitch but that’s where my negative opinion of him stopped.
  9. Nope. Wouldn’t support Pro Nazi groups myself but if the law in Poland allows Pro Nazi groups to demonstrate and march then I would fully support their right to march if that’s the law in that country. Personally, I hate Nazis. Personally I hate right wing groups. I’m also not a fan of the OO and even the hardcore Republicans. The difference between myself and you is that whilst I may not like a group, I can apply the rule of law to them if that’s what the country they exist in says. Instead you try the old binary argument approach to try and class me as a Nazi supporter just because I can respect a groups right to protest whilst not liking them very much. It’s either a case of the law being applied right across the board or not at all. The line is drawn however when the government of the country proscribes a group as illegal. That’s when it becomes different. Maybe you could enlighten us on your knowledge of Polish law instead of trying naively to categorise people with different opinions to be on one side of the fence or the other and in the process making yourself look like a complete cock.
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