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  1. Right now I’d be more worried about the ongoing future of the club. If this goes on beyond January (difficult to see otherwise as ‘peak’ is predicted for end of February) it gets very hard to see how the fixtures could be made up. Regardless of whether league is null and void or called on current position, that’s no additional income for months and months. Add to this the likelihood of another season in LG1 (or whatever is left after all of this). Doom and gloom.
  2. The one player who could - could, possible, maybe - make a difference right now is Spittal.
  3. To be fair, most of us were pretty happy with his summer recruitment and thought it was a squad which should be challenging for the top spot. The problem is that we're less than the sum of our parts. Too many players have failed to live up to expectations. Spot on. Similar story in last January’s transfer window.
  4. I actually thought we were ok today. Not particularly troubled in defence. Brownlie and Sena were comfortable. I know he’s getting stick on here but I actually thought that was one of Rudden’s best games (low praise).
  5. using offensive, insulting or abusive language So if you say “FFS ref” you get sent off?
  6. We’ll probably play better against you because you’ll have more of a go. We can’t break down stacked defences.
  7. Absolutely awful. That’s two home games in a row where we’ve not looked liked scoring. Could’ve played another hour and we’d have done nothing in the final third.
  8. An improvement yes, but still not a player who’ll make a difference.
  9. And yet .... on three occasions over the past few months I’ve contacted the club to tell them that my dad (s/t holder) was seriously ill and then died. I didn’t receive a response to any of the emails. This has been festering with me, and it’s getting worse with the constant comms from the club about other supporters. TBC, we’re just ‘normal’ s/t holders, so I wouldn’t expect for one second an announcement or anything. All I wanted was ‘sorry your dad died’. But nothing.
  10. Brownlie is excellent in the air and his distraction isn’t too bad. But he’s slow and seems to get turned too easily. Would probably benefit from defensive partners who can cover for that.
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