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  1. I probably wasn't clear enough, will all Fife clubs be senior next season or not. I know there hasn't been a Fife junior league for a very long time.
  2. Will we get all Fife clubs playing in the same league next season?
  3. Maybe no the right place but I heard that Kennoway Star Hearts were sharing with you guys from next season, is that correct? can't see anything online to confirm it so might just be a shite rumour.
  4. Pints are now much more widespread in Australia even in the last 10 years. I went with a mate about 20 years ago, in a bar in Sydney after we'd arrived he went and got the first beer, after a while he came back with two pints. I said to him WTF did he get them, he didn't understand until I explained. He said he ordered two pints of Tooheys, the barman gave him a funny look but said nothing, raked around and came back with two pint glasses which he washed and then filled with Tooheys, then spent a bit of time working out what to charge Pints are much more widely available if you want them.
  5. Security coming back is an absolute joke. A few months back getting off one flight we made it as far as 5 yards from the bottom of the plane steps before hitting the back of the queue spilling out of the passport control area, down the covered Perspex walkway and out onto the apron. How the f**k is that even safe? Lucky it wasn't pishing down. Shambles.
  6. Do the Jo'burg derby if it co-incides, Kaiser Chiefs v Orlando Pirates, best atmosphere at a football game I have ever been to, and no segregation. Over 80,000 at the game and I saw less than 10 white faces, but the banter was great. As for Cape Town superb place, worth hiring a car and checking out the wine region.
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