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  1. If it seems like I'm talking pish keep in mind it's from the perspective of someone who's been to 3 home games, 4 away games and mostly watched the live ticker on onefootball. In goals I would say Gill couldn't cut it, but he's capable of a motm performance here and there, has a season of senior football underneath his belt now and should cope better in the lowland league, distribution needs to improve though. Davie McGurn is a credit to us and will hopefully double as a backup keeper and coach for another season. In defence I'd be relieved to keep mango. A leader who can set an example for the new blood when they come in. Also wouldn't mind keeping Fraser Mullen even if only for the free kicks and the fact he's been at the club as long as he has. Might also be worth hanging onto Watson and Pollock. In midfield I'd hope for Morrison and Barrowman to stay. Barrowman matched Ompreon for goals and is less likely to demand full time wages. Upfront we'd ideally resign Liam Buchanan, a player who made the most of his criminally limited playing time. Ompreon is most likely going elsewhere but if we can somehow afford him he's capable of tearing up the lowland league as long as he has good quality players around him. I haven't really seen Aikamhenzie play but he must be good enough as a backup, anyone's better than Carty. Actually being able to bring in decent players is a whole other topic but if Broomhill can lure in Jamie Semple from East Fife then there must be a chance for us.
  2. No way has my man devoted a paragraph to me (and only me) giving Brett365 one more earful before I took off at full time
  3. The referee handed them the game. That red card that shouldn't have been was just the root of the problem. Gutted
  4. Booked everything back in March so I'll be there.
  5. Congratulations on winning the title Petershill, would've nipped along as my student accommodation is fairly near but I've got a birthday dinner to get to.
  6. If we were any more negative the covid restrictions would be lifted in Cowdenbeath tomorrow. Hitting it high and long to our 5' 9 forwards doesn't work.
  7. Those lads took the most rotten of English football's rotten patter up with them, got a bit of schadenfreude when the lad with the suspicious brown stain on the back of his Edinburgh city shorts rocked up for the crossbar challenge and proceeded to miss all 3 by some margin, then hoof another ball into the 5 a side pitches.
  8. It's 2022 in less than a week, we've got smartphones
  9. I'm wary of his past and have been asked "why him?" by fans of other clubs. He could turn into a proper Malky Mackay wannabe as the years go on, but hopefully not and hopefully he lets his managerial skill do the talking.
  10. I'm not sold on Maurice Ross yet. Making a weird comment about one of your own players is one thing, but resigning before you can be punished shows a lack of class and professionalism IMO. If he can deliver results and get us challenging for a top 4 place in his first full season then I'll print this post out and eat it.
  11. Predicting Cowden to be back to the level we were at pre-covid. A win here would convince me that's the direction we're going in
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