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  1. At least the tannoy will be all about the game
  2. If the board have any sense I should miss a grand total of 2 league games at central park. I've spent more of my money on the club this season than I have any other season, and the actions of the gaffer all season and the alleged actions of the kitman yesterday aren't worth half my disposable income every week.
  3. Done with home games until ross is gone, voting firmly with the wallet. The one roaster hurling abuse at buchanan is deluded to the fact that he among several others was driven away by the fraud that still gets a wage after losing the dressing room, getting relegated, picking a squad that still get ID'd for red bull, getting knocked out the cups without scoring once, snapping at players, getting battered by gretna, snapping at fans, and getting battered today by a side that are honestly nothing special between the boxes. Some list that
  4. That's always been (d)rossball as far as I can remember. 2 CMs isn't really enough to control the midfield in the modern game and our wide players are usually just full backs anyway. Hopefully the next gaffer implements a 3-5-2/5-3-2 to get that potential out ball in the system.
  5. Looking particularly spineless from the twitter feed, get this season finished and stick mos contract in the shredder
  6. A talbot fan I know has made me aware that ex cowden man Jack Morris is now a main event star in Japanese wrestling. The promoter used this picture in the hype package for his title shot on Sunday, maybe we'll draw in some fans from Japan as well as Brazil
  7. Bit hard to tell given the result but the 13 and maybe the 7 looked okay.
  8. Match ended 5-1 cowden for those that didn't go. Sinky with a pair of quality free kicks, almost had a hattrick but he skied the 3rd.
  9. Sure hope they don't find the uncensored version of that song
  10. I'll go one one better than your group of matching tracksuit wanks and address your concern. You'll fail to go up, football twitter will find another non league darling and your crowds will likely end up lower than ours.
  11. We've had worse turnouts in better times against better teams. Will love the smell of karma in the morning when their Disney channel ascent up the pyramid screeches to a halt
  12. Was so annoyed by what I witnessed in gretna that I forgot this game was on despite it basically being down the road from me. With that said, £9 to watch football in a literal leisure centre on a freezing Wednesday night is a bit much for my liking.
  13. Ended up ironically being more dire to watch in the second half than the first. Mo Ross chucked the toys out the pram by bringing Ruddy off, it was a shocking mistake but one you'll only make once in a game if not a blue moon.
  14. Heading down myself, wonder if the grand wobbler will have his revenge today
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