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  1. It may be a coincidence, but the quality of programmes on Comedy Central appears to have diminished considerably since they bought up the Friends back catalogue. Can't remember the last time I bothered looking for anything on that channel. Don't know if they blew their budget for the next ten years on the purchase.
  2. I think the theory is that most elderly drivers haven't been involved in an accident but have seen plenty in their rear view mirrors.
  3. A few years ago an elderly driver drove straight across a junction and crashed into the rear driver's side of my parents' car. She continued up the road without stopping. My parents put their car into the local garage. On the same day the other driver brought her car to the same garage. The mechanics clocked right away that it was the car that hit my parents' one. The old dear however said that she had crashed into a wall. Ended with her having her licence taken from her. Once parked at a council car park to take the dogs to the beach. Came back to find a headlight panned in. An elderly driver had reversed into it. Fortunately a policeman was parked up waiting to go to an interview and saw what happened. He passed her details on. I've no doubt that if he hadn't been there she would just have gone on her way. It should be noted that the car park holds about 200 cars and there was about 6 cars parked there at that time.
  4. Lot of bad results for Scottish football over the years, but bloody hell that's bad.
  5. We scored 5 in the second half against Berwick in the League Cup in 2017.
  6. A few pages ago someone mentioned inappropriate behaviour at petrol pumps. Witnessed a taxi driver actually reverse his car into a space so his fuel cap was in line with the pump. His saloon car was facing a different direction to everyone else. Beyond stupid.
  7. Bloody Hell. I hate Liverpool but that was incredible.
  8. Had a number of dogs over the years. Always wanted to name one of them Dave. Mrs E vetoed the suggestion on each and every occasion.
  9. After we scored I honestly thought we would go on to win it. Total scunner doesn't even start to cover it.
  10. No-one else seen the feature on Dobbie in The Times today?
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