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  1. Is hope so anyway , complete shambles of a club
  2. Don’t like junkies mate, worked all my days to pay tax for them b*****ds
  3. I was in the middle of it all pal don’t you worry about that. I’m having a few John smiths as we speak
  4. Hope all the pavement dancers enjoy their train , replacement bus then another train home, clowns
  5. It’s all daft mate, supposed to be an #equalgame yet only see the rainbow laces in play!
  6. Thanks for the response I’ve been waiting for WATTOO, a proper ayr fan and proper ayr man
  7. Tennents is piss water pal, a light version just been brought out, sums it up I suppose
  8. What’s wrong with John smiths? Answer why your team is so fussed about he rainbow laces and armbands
  9. Thanks lichtie78, I don’t know your identity but feel free to join me for a few drinks of proper drinks. My round!
  10. Not getting would up at all buddy, your use of such foul and aggressive language tells me your actually the angry guy (gender neutral phrase for person). Just don’t get how yous can’t simply answer
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