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  1. I hear onthank have lost all their 'superstars' and they are supposily struggling for a team going by their facebook match report so the result wouldnt surprise me
  2. Im not a follower of onthank, i used follow hurlford ams n like to keep an eye out on their old players thats all, but fair play to u
  3. And also i highly doubt it was 4 mistakes that led to goals
  4. Unfortunately couldnt be there yesterday but im just guessong that your a part of 'glens'. More people ive spoke to have said onthank more than deserved the win so give credit where its due and stop being bitter
  5. Boy gary ross is at them. Very good defender, comands the back 4 very well, also the boy calzy who im sure played full back at hurlford ams but is playing as a striker at onthank, boy has very good footwork, all that was missing from his game on saturday was a goal. Cant think of the other 2 boys from hurlford though maybe not there at that game but onthank definitely looked better organised than last season. Some of the older boys have upped their game aswell
  6. Dont know if there is any truth in it but a few boys i know have said that so can only go on that. Seem to be a few premier players dropping down the leagues this year so hopefully it lightings things up at the bottom end
  7. What ive heard is bonnyton had been hassling they same hurlford boys but theyve all knocked them back so onthank must be doing something right. Not a great fan of onthank but if they keep they boys they will definitely start the season flying
  8. Couple of the new boys played with craigie last season i think, boy ireland in the middle and the boy calsy at full back, both were very impressive. Hope they pick up a few good results
  9. Hurlford ams look like theyre picking up again, was there on saturday n they looked very comfortable with theyre 4.0 win (if anything should have been more) brought in a few guys it looks like
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