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  1. With McCall having had more time with the squad now, I'm hoping for a narrow win today, but with question marks still over our defence and Dobbie bound to score against us, I'm not too confident for this one. 2-1 Jags.
  2. I'm hoping for a positive performance and for McCall to help tighten things up. Inverness away is always a tricky tie, so would do confidence wonders to leave with a point or three.
  3. Delighted that he's coming back to Firhill and think Ayr have handled the situation brilliantly. Also the Ayr fans have shown their class with the good wishes towards him. I hope that Ayr continue their good form (obvious exceptions), especially against United. McCall will need time and patience from the Jags fans and I for one hope he gets both.
  4. Delighted with this news as he was far beyond the others mentioned in my opinion. Happy if Archie comes back as assistant, he will learn a lot under McCall. Total respect to the Ayr board on how they handled the situation and the Ayr fans who appreciate what he did with their club.
  5. Fair point, thanks Sting. Hope he gets back to full fitness soon as we need him in there.
  6. Anyone know if TOW is injured or has GC lost his marbles and started our best defender on the bench against Shankland?
  7. Test post for new member. Great forum, enjoy your season.
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