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  1. Each to their own, but songs about Irish independence aren't really the same as singing about a dead football player in my book.
  2. Might have been "Bobby Sands MP" maybe. Anyway great goal.
  3. There wasn't one. IRA yes, Davie Cooper no.
  4. East Kilbride will fill the extra spot after lots were drawn between EK and Fraserburgh as tier 5 runners up. Group stage draw on Friday.
  5. If Hibs win the cup it might look a bit daft to make your third place team play in the groups while 4th and 5th get a bye. If its any of the other 3 I think that's the best solution to give them preparation for the Europa. The 5th European spot could be with us for 3 or 4 years though, so they might look at a more permanent solution.
  6. Out of the 10 West Lothian juniors known to have applied only Stoneyburn and Pumpherston haven't confirmed they've been accepted.
  7. Aberdeen did another cup double a few years before. Aberdeen and Hearts have both done a league and Cup double but that's it.
  8. If the Premier League were to lose these 6 teams it either runs with a 14 team league or more likely promotes from within to keep the same structure for the top 4 leagues (ie 6 teams in each division promoted to a higher tier). I just named the top 6 clubs in the English National League which will be the new entrants into the EFL to keep the structure the same. If they did happen to lose 6 of their top clubs that all get crowds of 50,000 plus, they will either shrug their shoulders and get on with it or look at some other more radical ways of compensating. I don't think it will happen, but inviting some Scottish clubs that could potentially attract 25,000 to 60,000 fans and are Championship/Premier League level sized clubs wouldn't seem a dreadful idea to me. It is obviously far fetched but the 6 Nationql League clubs I named only get crowds of a couple of thousand and will likely just hang about League Two.
  9. If they are moaning about too many games and injuries then they should start resting players now. If they lose tonight they will be 11 points adrift with 12 points left to play for. They could give their players 3 weeks off from now until the playoff if they want. They have 4 meaningless games that they can use however they like to prepare.
  10. That's kind of a simplistic way to look at it. While the top clubs in the new Premier League could still pay more money I'm more looking at the bigger picture, and clubs further down the pecking order. Maybe Championship clubs will no longer be able to spend more money than Celtic and Rangers and maybe League Two clubs won't pay better wages than some Scottish Premiership clubs. Midtable English clubs will no longer be as likely to fork out huge sums on an 18 year old from Palmeiras or Santos that will only be a squad player. The player will stay put for another couple of years benefitting that club and competition. Like I said less money doesn't mean there is less talent but it could mean the talent is more evenly spread out. Yes Everton and Villa will still play their top earners more than Celtic or Rangers but maybe sitting on a bench at Southampton or Leicester becomes less ludicrous than staying at Celtic or Rangers a few years longer as one of the top earners. If English football existed in isolation then yes, less money would make no difference as the footballers aren't going to change jobs. But English football doesn't exist in isolation. There is Brazilian, Ukrainian, Turkish clubs out there which pay a certain amount. Maybe now instead of Besiktas paying similar money to a midtable Championship club, they pay similar money to a midtable Premier League club. This would be obviously weaken English football. Instead of Ajax or Benfica paying similar wages to a Championship club they now will pay similar wages to a midtable Premier League club if England is no longer getting huge TV and sponsorship deals on the same scale as they did before. Less money in the game is a good thing in many ways in my opinion. As you rightly pointed out the Super League clubs will absorb more cash but they won't be absorbing anymore players.
  11. I think most Celtic fans would want a more competitive Scottish football. Of course we kind of contradict ourselves when we celebrate 9 in a row or a quadruple treble but football and emotions aren't always logical. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to see Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs close the gap and challenge for honours every year. Obviously how we go about closing that gap is where opinions would differ. Everyone looks back on the early 80s as a great time in Scottish football because of how exciting it was and who didn't enjoy seeing St Johnstone, Inverness, Ross County win their first major honours recently?
  12. So because I'm a Celtic fan I'm not allowed to hope that in future, finances are more evenly distributed and not hoovered up by the 2 Glasgow clubs while the rest fight for scraps?
  13. For the EFL/EPL to keep the numbers the same you either bring in Celtic (60k), Rangers (50k), Hearts (20k), Hibs (20k) and Aberdeen (15k) or promote Hartlepool, Sutton, Torquay, Stockport, Wrexham and Halifax who all get crowds of around 2,000 except Wrexham who get maybe 4-5k. Also those attendances for Scottish clubs could increase you would imagine. The Premier League is about to lose its 6 biggest clubs which are the main draw for sponsors and TV channels. The money will drop quickly and so will the quality of player on show as a result. With the lower quality of football and the absence of the big 6, I'd imagine the biggest average attendance would be maybe 50,000 for West Ham or Newcastle. Aside from Aston Villa or Everton I'd be surprised if there is any other club that brings in over 30k on a week to week basis. Aside from the 4 English clubs I mentioned the next best attendance is Leicester with 32k. And again you would imagine this could go down. Whilst I don't think it will happen bringing in 5 Premier League or Championship sized clubs to the set up is surely not a crazy suggestion. These English clubs left behind are in danger and would surely be considering all options at the moment.
  14. I really hope this goes through and they eventually leave their domestic leagues and UEFA altogether. Everyone is all for the Old Firm getting to f**k so why would fans be upset at these soulless entities leaving European football. It will turn the Premier League into a "farmers league" as they like to call everyone else and when Sky and all their sponsors start deserting they will be in the same boat as everyone else. Their income will depend mostly on the number of fans coming through the gates. They can moan but if its good enough for the likes of Olympiacos and Anderlecht then it's good enough for Bournemouth and Burnley. I hope Celtic, Rangers and probably Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs too tell the Premier League to f**k off if they come calling looking for clubs to make up the numbers. What will attendances in that league look like when the big 6 disappear and they can no longer spend hundreds of millions in a transfer window. It also opens the door for a much more competitive and exciting Champions League and Europa League. I worry with PSG, Bayern, Dortmund and the 3 big Italian clubs still hanging around that this could be a barrier in creating a fairer competition with money and qualification more evenly allocated. With less money floating around the players don't suddenly become worse. It just means talent will be more spread out and the onus is on clubs to develop good young players.
  15. But from a selfish point of view Rangers would also have a much better chance of progressing without these elite franchise clubs. Having a slim chance of getting to a final up against Olympiacos, Anderlecht, Copenhagen, Marseille, Fenerbahce, Benfica, Red Star Belgrade, Basel, Dynamo Kiev, Malmo, Ajax, Spartak Moscow, FCSB, Sparta Prague, Rapid Vienna etc is more preferable to me than getting pumped off Man City, Real Madrid, PSG etc.
  16. Nope from me. Never have wanted it, but at the same time neither Celtic or Rangers will ever bother there arse to fix the huge inequality in Scottish football, so them joining England would be one way of fixing it. But if the Premier League does actually lose these 6 clubs, I would imagine Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs and a 6th Scottish club (which is anyone's guess as to who) could expect an invite from the English FA sooner rather than later. Bringing in 5 Scottish clubs who could all probably average 30k fans in the Premier League and another who could get upwards of 10k would be a wise move in my opinion. People may laugh but outside of Aston Villa and Everton the rest of the English clubs are not much bigger than Aberdeen on a level playing field in my opinion.
  17. Confirmation (if needed) Stoneyburn are going EoS. Armadale have also applied but don't think they have gone public.
  18. https://mobile.twitter.com/darvelfc/status/1372255265089806336
  19. Following today’s update from the Scottish Government stating that adult contact training/football will not be allowed until 17th May 2021, the management committee of the Scottish Junior FA have decided to end season 2020/2021 and declare all competitions null & void. We can now set our sights on moving forward and hopefully welcoming fans back at some point in the new season. This decision gives us all some clarity and the opportunity to look at starting next season a bit earlier than normal. Further details will be announced in due course. Please continue to follow the Scottish Government guidelines and Stay Safe. Alex McDowall Chief Operating Officer Scottish Junior FA
  20. Yeah you are probably right. I just think tier 6 will eventually be split 3 ways: East, West and North. I don't know if a Dumfries and Galloway league at the same level makes sense in a working pyramid. I also think it could be better for the SOS because it gives ambitious teams a chance to progress if there isn't such a huge step up in quality.
  21. I understand the South of Scotland League is a historic league but it has only been given the status of tier 6 in the last 4 or 5 years when there was a huge hole in the pyramid which is now filled by the WoS. It has always been viewed as a level below the EoS anyway, with clubs using it as a stepping stone. Would there be a big issue with just moving it down a tier without affecting anything else? A league which has always covered such a small area shouldn't be feeding into tier 5 anyway, it doesn't make sense. In practice you are only changing where a promoted team goes which is rare anyway. There is also an argument that it holds team back from progressing. There may be ambitious clubs in the SoS that want to compete at a higher level but the Lowland League is much too big a step up. How can you go from playing Nithsdale Wanderers and Edusport reserves all season to beating a Talbot or a Clydebank in a playoff. There should be an intermediate level for clubs that feel they have outgrown the SoS but are not good enough for the Lowland League.
  22. Both clubs have lost the plot. I was convinced the account had been hacked before I saw Rangers statement haha
  23. East of Scotland FA confirmed on twitter that clubs applying from north of the Tay boundary line would be directed to the Highland League or a feeder to it.
  24. This will be only the second time in 67 years there has been a final without one of the big 5 (Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs). Good stat.
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