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  1. Obviously it would be better if it wasn't sung but it's difficult to make a case for it being anti-protestant when protestants say it. Cheer up Steven Gerrard was a song I heard mostly from Aberdeen fans. I suppose you could say its sectarian but I think you would then have to admit the Orange Order is also sectarian because you can't join if you are Catholic or have Catholic parents.
  2. Tight but he's ahead of the ball so offside.
  3. Hibs fans will sell out the extra 2000 in a couple of days. The very worst the spfl could do next time Hibs are in a final is give Hibs 20,000 to start with as they've proved they can sell out comfortably. And then once that's sold out give Hibs the last 3,000 or whatever takes it up 50-50. Hopefully it will just be split 50-50 to start with but knowing the spfl it probably won't happen.
  4. Celtic and Rangers will make the group stages most seasons anyway, regardless of the coefficient or what qualifying round they start in. Other clubs in Scotland won't. But if the coefficient can stay where it is, then it means the third place teams will also be guaranteed group stage football and the money it brings. I don't know the exact figures but I think the Europa League and Conference League prize money is fairly similar. With a bad coefficient, Celtic and Rangers get to the groups anyway and no one else does. With a good coefficient Celtic, Rangers and one other team get to the groups and get similar prize money. So having a bad coefficient could actually widen the gap more than a good coefficient. If we were in this coefficient position this time last season, then Ali McCann or Jason Kerr might still be at St Johnstone today, as they'd have an extra 3 or 4 million pounds in the bank from playing in the Conference League groups.
  5. Each to their own, but songs about Irish independence aren't really the same as singing about a dead football player in my book.
  6. Might have been "Bobby Sands MP" maybe. Anyway great goal.
  7. There wasn't one. IRA yes, Davie Cooper no.
  8. East Kilbride will fill the extra spot after lots were drawn between EK and Fraserburgh as tier 5 runners up. Group stage draw on Friday.
  9. If Hibs win the cup it might look a bit daft to make your third place team play in the groups while 4th and 5th get a bye. If its any of the other 3 I think that's the best solution to give them preparation for the Europa. The 5th European spot could be with us for 3 or 4 years though, so they might look at a more permanent solution.
  10. Out of the 10 West Lothian juniors known to have applied only Stoneyburn and Pumpherston haven't confirmed they've been accepted.
  11. Aberdeen did another cup double a few years before. Aberdeen and Hearts have both done a league and Cup double but that's it.
  12. If the Premier League were to lose these 6 teams it either runs with a 14 team league or more likely promotes from within to keep the same structure for the top 4 leagues (ie 6 teams in each division promoted to a higher tier). I just named the top 6 clubs in the English National League which will be the new entrants into the EFL to keep the structure the same. If they did happen to lose 6 of their top clubs that all get crowds of 50,000 plus, they will either shrug their shoulders and get on with it or look at some other more radical ways of compensating. I don't think it will happen, but inviting some Scottish clubs that could potentially attract 25,000 to 60,000 fans and are Championship/Premier League level sized clubs wouldn't seem a dreadful idea to me. It is obviously far fetched but the 6 Nationql League clubs I named only get crowds of a couple of thousand and will likely just hang about League Two.
  13. If they are moaning about too many games and injuries then they should start resting players now. If they lose tonight they will be 11 points adrift with 12 points left to play for. They could give their players 3 weeks off from now until the playoff if they want. They have 4 meaningless games that they can use however they like to prepare.
  14. That's kind of a simplistic way to look at it. While the top clubs in the new Premier League could still pay more money I'm more looking at the bigger picture, and clubs further down the pecking order. Maybe Championship clubs will no longer be able to spend more money than Celtic and Rangers and maybe League Two clubs won't pay better wages than some Scottish Premiership clubs. Midtable English clubs will no longer be as likely to fork out huge sums on an 18 year old from Palmeiras or Santos that will only be a squad player. The player will stay put for another couple of years benefitting that club and competition. Like I said less money doesn't mean there is less talent but it could mean the talent is more evenly spread out. Yes Everton and Villa will still play their top earners more than Celtic or Rangers but maybe sitting on a bench at Southampton or Leicester becomes less ludicrous than staying at Celtic or Rangers a few years longer as one of the top earners. If English football existed in isolation then yes, less money would make no difference as the footballers aren't going to change jobs. But English football doesn't exist in isolation. There is Brazilian, Ukrainian, Turkish clubs out there which pay a certain amount. Maybe now instead of Besiktas paying similar money to a midtable Championship club, they pay similar money to a midtable Premier League club. This would be obviously weaken English football. Instead of Ajax or Benfica paying similar wages to a Championship club they now will pay similar wages to a midtable Premier League club if England is no longer getting huge TV and sponsorship deals on the same scale as they did before. Less money in the game is a good thing in many ways in my opinion. As you rightly pointed out the Super League clubs will absorb more cash but they won't be absorbing anymore players.
  15. I think most Celtic fans would want a more competitive Scottish football. Of course we kind of contradict ourselves when we celebrate 9 in a row or a quadruple treble but football and emotions aren't always logical. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to see Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs close the gap and challenge for honours every year. Obviously how we go about closing that gap is where opinions would differ. Everyone looks back on the early 80s as a great time in Scottish football because of how exciting it was and who didn't enjoy seeing St Johnstone, Inverness, Ross County win their first major honours recently?
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