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  1. I have a vision of what I want everyone to be like but I know I can’t implement that. Everyone comes to work and does their job, maybe not the way I want them to but that’s my quandary. The biggest thing I want is that everyone feels happy being there. There were times I hated the job for whatever reason and I want to be able to offer them a chance to sit down and talk about any issue they have if it ever arises. I have huge respect for all of them and I want to be able to offer everyone the chance to vent if they need to.
  2. They all know the job and know what’s expected so what I tell them shouldn’t come as a surprise, unless of course they are clearly blanking it.
  3. Not sure if this is the right thread as this isn’t a “quick question” but here goes.. I got promoted in work two months ago, to assistant manager. It’s the first time I’ve ever been in a position where employees have looked up to me/have been my superior. I know all of them, and I’m on good terms with all of them, I just want some advice on how to go about being a superior to folk who I was on an even keel to. i know the different/expectations of the roles, and I think I have the respect of everyone. I just want to not come across as a dick if I ever have to dig the team as a whole up. Any advice? it’s taken me 7 years to get to this point and I don’t want to f**k it up. I love what I do and I take great pride in keeping everyone happy and my main mantra is making sure everyone wants to come to work with a smile on their face.
  4. A couple of times in my early teens after the last game of the season so me and my pals could get a wee kicks out on the pitch. Probably the odd just over the barrier to celebrate with the players at a late goal as well. I eventually went on when we won the Play Off final for our first promotion in nearly 20 years. I was too shell shocked in the stand to head on. When you see them running on with their phones in the air, like these football bloggers that now appear to be everywhere, automatically screams c**t.
  5. Is that timetable for next week only?
  6. Tickets are still on sale. There will be a lot of Ukrainians based in England that are coming up and as you say more from elsewhere in Europe. I doubt they’ll be any Ukraine based fans being able to come over.
  7. It’s funny watching them lose to diddy mobs in qualifiers, but for a European final, for Scottish football, I wouldn’t mind them winning it. Locally, it would be utter torture and the last place I’ll be watching it is in a pub but the older I get, the more it annoys me the shit people say about Scottish football. No prizes where such chat comes from.
  8. Still a half decent enough side considering it’s just Ukrainian based players. I would have thought Riznyk or at least Dovbyk would have started, but Petrakov has already said all of them will get game time.
  9. Karpaty Lviv

    FIFA 22

    Fantastic game. TIF 2 I’m sure it was had fantastic graphics for its era.
  10. We’re playing Hearts in a friendly for the sale of Jordan Allan.
  11. Watched all of the Sweeney episodes, my dad got me right into them. Sad one that.
  12. Anyone know which supermarkets are selling Cherniviske? Or pubs even?
  13. Ronnie is a w****r.
  14. Hatate has done well for himself after that goal in the 3-0 game to keep getting picked.
  15. Thought we had 100 or so, which is not bad considering it was worth hee haw for us. I'm just delighted the season is over. An absolute shit show in every department possible. f**k knows how we managed to stay up.
  16. I'm afraid not. Cash only. As is the pie stall. Thanks. Glad I asked - not sure there’s a cash machine close by?!
  17. It’s the only Munro I’ve ever done. I had zero hill walking gear and it ended up being torrential rain. Got half way and couldn’t physically go any further. A bog as you say. I wouldn’t say it’s put me off but would defo need need to invest in some gear and at least check the weather.
  18. Brilliant from Jack there.
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