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    FIFA 22

    Kit clashes are unreal on seasons. What’s so difficult to implement player choice pre game like last seasons pro clubs?
  2. I don’t know about any of this event, who else is going to this apart from officials who I presume are being put up in hotels? Why are Joe blogs renting their own gaffs out? Who else is involved?
  3. What’s the pub situation and how much is a 7 seater from Aberdeen to Cove
  4. I work just off Dumbarton Road and will be coming in from Cumbernauld. I read they are using the M8 to wheel the delegates in so given my shifts will start at 3, I’ve fucking no chance.
  5. October 24th is the date England are changing from PCR tests on arrival to LFTs.
  6. Ground reminds me of Broadwood. Lay out; the terrible game and the fact it looks fucking freezing.
  7. Think he will stay at Chelsea or be snapped up elsewhere in Europe? Obviously he’ll be a regular at Chelsea in the new couple of years, what team do we think he’d suit?
  8. Sorry if already been said. Just saw the highlights. Lucky that VAR didn’t pick up Hendry shirt pulling during the winning goal, would surely had been ruled out if seen. f**k it
  9. Only good thing about them playing down our left is that we have t seen Dasa get involved yet.
  10. Whatever is cheaper is fine with me I first went to L’viv in February 2012 and loved it, have made a good network of friends and go back whenever I can. Someone told me Ryanair were going to expand on their UK/Ukraine routes but I’m not getting too excited. If they were to finally introduce a direct flight from Scotland it will probably be Edinburgh, but still it would make my life easier.
  11. I had to fill out a form and I’m sure I done that in departures.
  12. Great news if the day two tests are scrapped by the end of the month.
  13. Not long back but going to Lviv again for four days next month. £30 return flights from Manchester with Ryanair couldn’t be turned down.
  14. It’s up to the clubs to have whatever size they want. Just means it isn’t mandatory.
  15. Are there many games left? I’m just waiting for the season to end. I’ve gave up.
  16. Can’t remember what year it was, FM 08 possibly. The game had just been released and how loads of bugs. I went East Stirlingshire and despite scoring over 100 goals, I finished second in the league. Branimir Kostadinov was mental in that game. I also had a long running save with Dynamo Kyiv that year, Gus MacPherson ended up managing Bayern.
  17. Aye, when I bought the Day 2 test in August, they charged me £88 then dropped it to £68 a couple of days later.
  18. Ryanair have added a Manchester to Lviv route which works out well for traveling from Glasgow (£10 National Express, getting there 2.5 hours before departure), so I’ll be doing that quick a bit, especially this year. If I can get the days off work, I’m looking at 19th-22nd November.
  19. Quick question, with the changes coming into effect tomorrow, the only thing I’d need to buy is a day two test. I’m planning on arriving in Manchester and getting the train back up the road, so would a Randox test be suitable rather than the expensive Scottish one?
  20. What is it the app is suppose to scan, the QR code on the left of the paper copy?
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