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  1. Scottish Parliament link is down. Any other way to tune into this? Edit: seems to be back up
  2. Having a gaff can get you a five star wanted level now. Jings.
  3. The school I work at finishes at 3 o’clock for P1-3’s and 3.15pm for 4-7’s to stagger pick ups but outside the school gates is mobbed with parents. I’m not sure what more the school can do but the potential for it to spread amongst waiting parents is huge as it’s a narrow path with around 200 odd kids piling out at two separate intervals.
  4. ^^ fancied a night at the pub but has just realised there’s homework due tomorrow
  5. All Call of Duty games after Cod4. I paid over £50 for Far Cry 4 I think it was and played about half an hour at most before uninstalling it. What a waste of money that was.
  6. ScotRail incident from last night. Seems like they tried to fare dodge and the employee went on a bit of rant and the tweet author is claiming that he was racist as she and her brother are people of colour and the employee said “I’m sick of yez aw”, presumably talking about fare dodgers as it must be rife with no conductors on trains.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/sport/amp/football/54199351 Bet he shouts his PIN number out when using a cash machine.
  8. https://www.cumbernauld-news.co.uk/sport/football/clyde-and-cumbernauld-colts-seek-nl-cup-stand-ins-st-mirren-and-stirling-albion-2972482 Apparently trying to host some sort of cup with it potentially being broadcasted.
  9. Jockey Pat Smullen falls at the 43rd fence. Pancreatic cancer.
  10. Sorry if it’s been posted but Sideshow Bob goes down like a bowling pin here. It’s great because these c***s who bully at school will never live it down. Guaranteed witnesses and video footage as they wouldn’t do it other.
  11. On the bus and the entire top deck is empty and this guy has decided to sit right in front of me. Setting aside the social distancing thing, that’s just fucking odd behaviour.
  12. Do you need Bluetooth on for the app to receive notifications?
  13. Was just thinking yesterday. In November, I fell really unwell. Thinking back, I had all the symptoms of Covid. It took me well over a week to get better. None of my family ended up ill like I did and when I finally seen the doctor, he just dismissed it as a chest infection (no chance). It was probably flu but I don’t suppose it could have been Covid? It was a couple of months before it was properly discovered. I don’t personally know anyone who has had it. Not that I’m using that as some sort of motivation to become irresponsible or complacent.
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