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  1. I always thought I was half decent at chess but I’m getting shagged every game here. Playing kids at my work is slightly different to adults who clearly play regularly
  2. I was in primary school. I don’t remember watching it in class but I remember being told about it by a neighbour when walking home. Went to my mates to see the aftermath. Obviously had no idea about the impact on society or whatever. I do remember watching the episode of “Airline” when they recorded the day of 9/11. People going fucking mental because multiple aircrafts have been hi jacked and the airlines having the audacity to ground all its aircraft.
  3. Glaswegian snooker referee Leo Scullion missing a foul behind him there.
  4. I’m clicking on Create Challenge and then random then copying and pasting the username but it’s saying there’s no search results coming up.
  5. How do I send a challenge? Your username isn’t appearing.
  6. Division C LvivKarpaty defeats thekid1433 by resignation.
  7. I’ve just resigned against mathematics. Got a bit of a doing. group 3? Not sure which round
  8. Anyone came back from abroad recently and had to do the day two PCR test? I did it and sent it away yesterday and just wanting to know how long it takes to get the result back.
  9. Excellent performance. We went for it and got what we deserved with good defending thrown in there.
  10. Not a fan of the new rounds. Sprint finish was by far the best out them all, hopefully it hasn’t been canned.
  11. Not a single document checked upon arrival at Edinburgh.
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