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  1. Tiger Woods taken to hospital after being involved in a car crash.
  2. Anyone like Wrest? I’m actually related to Stewart, the front man. Great guy.
  3. Done nothing to get our game at new year on either. Shitebags. Anyway, do we think the allows royal visit means Charles is is on his last legs?
  4. That is embarrassing. It’s pretty much the only way Wee teams can score against Celtic and Rangers.
  5. I’m perfectly fine. Still basking in Ally Love’s volley.
  6. You used to go to random pubs and brag about your dead pool team. Certainty.
  7. It’s always been the case that the top two picks are Captain and Vice Captain unless stated.
  8. He speaks more slang on super scoreboard than I do in my everyday life. He’s supposed to be professional ffs.
  9. “Think it just slipped through his hands there” Well I’m glad Alex Rae is there to clear the pressing analysis up.
  10. Lovely goal from Buyalskiy there. Think the fans are just happy to be moving in the stands given that it’s -10 in Kyiv.
  11. First run in nearly a year and 7 weeks to the day I stopped smoking. I was determined to reach 10k no matter how long it took. Spent a good 5-6 minutes throughout just walking, but it made all the difference. I’m just amazed I made it.
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