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  1. I seem to remember Southampton fans going tonto after they sacked Nigel Adkins a few months after getting them promoted to the Premier League. They brought in Pochettino and funnily enough went quite fairly quickly.
  2. Didn’t even look like scoring, or even threatening, until Goodie came on. He puts the fear in god in opponents and Queen’s Park looked a bit unnerved at times in the second half, after walking about in the first. Even if he goes and we get decent money, there’s no time to bring in anyone else, not that we’ve been doing that since the window opened. Lose him and we’ll get relegated, it’s as simple as that. There was zero ability going forward first half, although I thought we defended decent at times, Elsdon especially. Second half there was a scary about of space on the right of our defence though.
  3. There was a guy on some incel documentary on YouTube that done this, pretended to be someone else on tinder then arranged a date with various women either turning up and hurling abuse at them for being shallow or just ghosting them, absolute OFTW behaviour. Sure there was one on BBC iPlayer about it as well, might be the same one. It was strange.
  4. Navid really annoyed me there. He done f**k all and was a right cheeky c**t for no reason several times.
  5. Betis vs Sevilla in the cup, Betis just equalised from a corner but one of the Sevilla players were clubbed with a big pole, thrown from the crowd. Players off the pitch.
  6. We’ll only get so many points from “working hard” and “putting in a shift” - the point is the squad is full of L2 and below quality. It’s a miracle we are where we are in the league. Disappointed to lose the late equaliser but I’d have taken a draw pre match. It’s scary how little a threat we were though.
  7. He’s held on valiantly on my team for the past three or four years, I’ll be happy to get rid to release a slot for next year. That, and he’s an evil c**t, of course.
  8. Insert something about the “Red Pound” here.
  9. Wordle 207 1/6 Saw the rage on twitter and immediately thought it was this.
  10. You were laughing before the words left your mouth eh?
  11. Sounds familiar. Shame, he’s a really good player.
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