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  1. Suppose our game next week will be off as well. Two crucial games to be played midweek presumably. Hardly ideal. I’m surprised it’s off to be honest. Four players missing we should be able to cover but the additional persons to self isolate - I wonder if if it’s key back room staff such as physios that means we can’t take a full quota to the game? I don’t know and won’t pretend to know, so all I’ll say is I hope everyone is recovering well and hope to see them back when they feel safe enough to do so.
  2. Big Kev Nicholl controlling the midfield it is.
  3. Imagine that was the set up here? Celtic losing 10 in a row due to a 1-0 home deafest to St Johnstone
  4. Points for me but I’m sad at his passing. I watched his documentary recently, a great watch.
  5. This game has completely summed up MLS play offs. How the f**k did that finish 3-3 Scenes here though
  6. That was absolutely hilarious. It kicked off at 5 and finished at about 8.20
  7. What the f**k is going on 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. And now, just as New York are about to take the penalty, they realise Orlando had made all their subs. Sub keeper now taken off. This is absolutely mental.
  9. Orlando goalkeeper makes a penalty shoot out winning save. It gets pulled back for being half a yard off the line. The goalkeeper gets a second yellow card and gets sent off what the actual f**k
  10. MLS Play Off weekend
  11. Wasn’t Glasgow meant to be holding the World Championship this year? Might be completely making that up.
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