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  1. Inexcusable is the word I would use. The amount of times we got in behind them in the first half was incredible and then to end up 2-2 at half time is ridiculous. Missing a penalty and going down to 10 just screamed us losing but we somehow held on. That felt like a pumping. In a fixture we badly need to win in the context of the season, that’s a fucking dreadful outcome given what we had. Kennedy had provided some good balls into the box and to think Rodden is a better better alternative defensively? Never in a million years is he a League 1 player.
  2. They highlights are incredible. I’m devastated I wasn’t there.
  3. Can’t remember the last time we scored from a corner. Must have been the play off season.
  4. Down in Yorkshire so sadly couldn’t be there. Ducking superb Clyde. Mon the bully. The Gypsy Army’s back on the road
  5. Down in Yorkshire so sadly couldn’t be there. Ducking superb Clyde. Mon the bully.
  6. My confirmation was sent a couple of hours after submittin, to gmail account.
  7. Just occurred to me that I’m in England this weekend. Mind you, I went down to England the day after the men’s Euros so hopefully that’s an omen.
  8. I’m looking for a barbers that is open last 6 o’clock in Glasgow, any suggestions?
  9. Some nice little touches going forward but we look suspect on the break at pace. Get McDonald and Scullion on and see what they can do after last week’s promising showing.
  10. I had him a couple of years ago. I don’t know why I picked him. Uwe Seeling up into heaven.
  11. The Puppet Master. I’m struggling to believe how that really happened.
  12. I’m not one for crowd wanking or that, but what happened at Morton? They always brought good support with them. I know it’s effectively a friendly but you’d be lucky if there was 80 behind the goal. Highlight of the day though: “f**k up ya Greenock soap dodging tramps” ”Mon then”
  13. I mind we pumped Hibs 3-0 in a friendly containing Brown, Whittaker, Fletcher, that whole good Hibs team. We got relegated that season and finished bottom three years on the trot, becoming the only team to do so until Brechin a few years ago. As happy as I am tonight with that performance there’s no way anyone can draw conclusions from it.
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