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  1. Cammy Bell pushing a ball boy with 15 minutes left
  2. I don’t disagree, it should be an instant pay out. Come to think of it, when I withdraw from PokerStars, it goes to my PayPal account instantly and then it’s an instant withdraw to my bank. I found out that I could deposit money to SkyBet via PayPal even when I didn’t have any cash in my bank, it would just go into an unplanned overdraft. Instantly self excluded myself when I found that out.
  3. Do the transactions via PayPal and it’s only a few hours. Or some bookies have a card where you can withdraw the balance in any of their bookies instantly, in cash.
  4. We had a pretty strong team out tonight apart from a debutante teenage goalkeeper. We only had three outfield subs (Danny Lennon being one of them and two other first team players) and they all came on. We have introduced a new u21 side but they only played their first league game a few days ago. I don’t know if we will use them in the other games., I don’t think we are obliged to play a strong team either.
  5. Two of the shops in the retail park opened today. As it’s right next to the main Broadwood roundabout though, along with shoppers, it’ll be rammed. Not a lot of road space either.
  6. Some of the local youths will gladly look after it while you enjoy the game.
  7. A 9 year old me frantically waving my flag after the opener. Those were the days.
  8. Doesn’t look like this game is covered anywhere. Anyone going?
  9. I see we play Celtic colts this midweek in the Glasgow Cup but our website doesn’t list these games in our fixture list. We also have a new u21 side who have just entered a league but given it’s a fiver to get in at Broadwood, the same as the Motherwell colts game, are we obliged to put out a half decent team? I think I read that we’re not but I do think we deserve to know who will make an appearance and who will be in charge even. To be honest, we could do with the regular training session to try and sort out the defence.
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