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  1. Only seen the first half. Airdrie were better all over the pitch and deserved to be more on front. We are in big trouble.
  2. Was always going to be that way. Take the money and onto more important matters, like the tough and plentiful game we have coming up.
  3. T and rerun of 2006 to get us up for the cup. Intae these c***s, Clyde.
  4. Another game we were robbed of the opening goal. Weather is fine. Bring it on.
  5. It was fine until about half an hour ago. Really starting to get worse.
  6. Sitting in the Motherwell end on Wednesday? Plenty of seats dotted about. I’m sure even a couple of them applauded Eduard’s free kick that you could’ve blended in with. thought you were Magee. It’s hard to keep up with his usernames these days.
  7. Seems to be a real lack of discussion of the officials performance from that day. Lennon in the Record today talking about how they “didn’t turn up”. It is, without bias, the most one sided game in the history of football. If we do get at least a draw and the officials have something to do with it, it would be better than scudding them by three or four.
  8. Do you have a stall in the tourist area in Tenerife or some shit?
  9. It was a Celtic fan whose sisters boyfriends goldfish works at the Broadwood that a meteor hit the stadium. It was then posted on social media and that’s now the gospel. They would believe anything.
  10. In my case, I think I have sorted it. I’ve added the email addresses to the relevant contacts on my address book on my phone. I think if they are linked then it should be known not to be spam of it’s from a direct contact I’ve added. There’s only three I need for work but could be a pain in the arse if you need to add loads.
  11. All emails sent from work to myself keep going to my spam folder. I can’t seem to change this and as usual any google online “help” tool is fucking useless. It’s a gmail account.
  12. I was able to possibly contract those around me with cancer from my cigarettes with passive smoking but sitting on a metal pole below head height ? Ban worthy. It started a few seasons ago when Forfar fans were placed right next to the singing end at Broadwood and there was a bit of shouting to and through. The next game at Forfar there was more than 10 stewards and multiple police outside the turnstile searching everyone head to toe. Bunch of fannies.
  13. Started the second half well, got the goal the. let them run free down the left, cut inside and the ball ended up in the middle of the net without Mitchell moving. We were dire after that, deserved nothing. Having two stewards sprint towards me for sitting on the back railing for all of two seconds was a highlight though. How do these goons operate in daily life? It’s not the first time they’ve acted the c**t either. Can’t imagine what would happen if we scored and pitch invaded.
  14. Pish again. Everyone stopped at a handball shout and Kirkpatrick passed into .
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