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  1. Ray Grant signed for Stirling talk about ambition. He could have walked into most teams in League 1. Oh well. Good luck to him?
  2. Has north Lanarkshire been declared? Should be SNP anyway.
  3. I’m probably a lot younger than you (28), you’ll need to explain that one.
  4. It’s a miracle we have survived. Fair play to Danny and the team. Huge overall required but we have made the right to do that. Huge performances from the lads who were part of our L2 promotion, who knew what it meant to the fans. Lennon’s speech outside is testament to what a great man, manager, and part of the club he is.
  5. We have been playing really well so far. Please to god just score another early bells and be done with it.
  6. Funny hearing Souness saying one person’s action (throwing a flare) could have got someone killed. This is a guy that planted a Fenerbache flag into the centre circle at Galatasary’s ground after beating them. Clown. or was it the other way round?
  7. Very conclusive evidence there.
  8. Wasn’t that Poland vs England game Neville was talking about “a few years ago” not in 1991 or around that? Seem to remember reading it was just Poles fighting each other.
  9. They always have done and always will. Fortunately though, we aren’t inclined to suck up everyone’s arse like a certain mob from the west end.
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