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  1. If it was for his free-kicks & corners where he didn’t get the ball past the first defender once all game, I can totally understand the the “awful” comment at Regan Hendry
  2. On a Tuesday /Wednesday night as well, followed by a trip to Stranraer on Saturday 17th August, bet the players are looking forward to that as much as the fans.
  3. Regardless, I am sure it will still be a hell of a lot more than yourself[emoji23]
  4. Absolutely agree, surely McGlynn must grow a pair, show some authority and just tell Nisbet he is far too important to the team to be risked at Montrose on what is a very poor surface. If he plays and it goes badly wrong (which being Rovers it could well do) the potential £19K extra prize money will not cover the medical bills, let alone make any chance of winning the playoffs without our talisman go down the toilet. After all he isn’t going to lose any sharpness in 3 or 4 days for goodness sake. If it is just a Tartan Boot Nisbet is going to get upset over, I can send him an old pair of Tartan slippers to keep him happy and he can wear them at 3PM on Saturday with his feet up - SORTED[emoji1]
  5. My my, coming from a team that are sent out with the instruction to kick anything that moves, when they are on the receiving end of a perfectly fair but hard challenge, they go crying to their mummy.
  6. Oh dear - “after 3 seasons” - you haven’t followed the Rovers very long, have you.
  7. Has McGlynn finally found the solution to our away problems. Yesterday (like Arbroath in December) he went with a more solid formation with guys that dig in and win the battles, then later on when the home part-time teams are tiring bring on the wide men who can then hurt them. Starting the likes of Flanagan or McGuffie away from home is a huge problem as they are far too soft and get bullied then fall totally out of the game, so when it comes to the home team tiring later in the game the likes of Flanagan & McGuffie are a busted flush with no energy to take advantage, where as when they come on fresh they can and do make a huge difference. Hopefully he now shows some consistency in a winning team selection and stops trying to be too clever with changing it all the time, to bring out consistency in good results away from home. It might not always be the prettiest but if it gets results that’s what we need, rather than getting bored with hearing from the management we play the best football but don’t win!!!!!
  8. Nah, all bookings pre Christmas are wiped out from 1st January when the count starts again - new SPFL rule this season [emoji1]
  9. Same diamond formation as last week behind Nisbet & Buchanan. Just that Gullan has replaced Dingwall at the tip and Matthews has replaced Gillespie who has moved to RB. These 2 made a huge difference, Gullan’s movement & deft touches were excellent well deserving MoTM and Matthews who gets so much stick scored a great goal, used the ball well and does so much good work off the ball that makes us so much more solid and less likely to concede stupid goals, like he also did so successfully in the last difficult game he played away to Arbroath. Stopped any free space for that Dom Thomas to run into and got him hooked. Hopefully JMcG can see that for himself now, rather than allowing the opposition to just run past the likes of the uninterested Flanagan & Gillespie who are so switched off when we don’t have the ball (which is roughly 50/55% of every game). Today we had a much more solid platform to build from it was like night & day, where not only did we give them very few opportunities we also created so many for ourselves plus scored 4 good goals. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel unless it is just McGlynn signalling to change it all again with his torch.
  10. Even Mickey Mouse would be embarrassed at this *Update* (as at 1.30pm) The referee will make a final decision on the match v @RaithRovers at 2pm.
  11. The effort of Murray, Crane, Matthews & Nisbet with AND without the ball for the whole game was there for everyone (well all 30 of us!!) to see yesterday. The rest are so passive it is unbelievable, even in the 2nd half when a bit better, they still too often just wait for the ball to come to them. Dingwall as per Tuesday was dire, after a promising first couple of games his initial energy and drive has disappeared. But the worst by a mile was Barjonas. I would love to know if he is only starting because his loan deal states that when he does Rangers pay his wages and if he doesn’t start Raith would have to pay money they haven’t got. As I can’t think of any other logical reason why anybody with an ounce of football knowledge would be playing him, he is so bad. You could again see and hear clearly yesterday, Murray and especially Matthews who were working their socks off, winning so many tackles, shouting at Barjonas to get involved but he was just not for caring. Send Barjonas back as soon as possible and if needed play the likes of James Berry from our own youth who has been impressive in the reserves recently and will definitely give us the effort, which is the minimum we should expect.
  12. Current weather forecast of heavy rain and 23mph winds at KO time - going to be great fun!
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