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  1. I see Raith have friendly games arranged during September away to Dundee Utd & Brechin and at home to Stenny, Queens Park & Falkirk. The latter is interesting in that the Boards must have kissed & made up[emoji23][emoji23]
  2. I wonder if Kevin Nisbet or Kyle Turner contracts had been ending this month your Chairman would have released ALL out of contract players or the same with Dobbie at Queens. Absolutely no chance - it is just both clubs looking at an easy way of getting rid of the pish they had built up & had no intention of resigning, and getting to blame Covid rather than admit to the recruitment mistakes they had made in the first place. A 6th & 9th place finish proves the players were just not good enough.
  3. They are, Raith team are due to travel down south on Friday afternoon following their daily training session to stay overnight in a hotel at Stranraer
  4. Imagine, just ask Mendy who was raging in the stand at Airdrie
  5. Nah, yellow cards now get reset to 0 on 1st Jan just like last season, so stop panicking
  6. Bayview doesn’t look like needing any help to chuck things away at the moment
  7. First half Raith were so easy to play against, the midfield never won a single tackle or 50/50. Not surprised McGlynn hooked Spencer at HT as he was brutal. Matthews made such a difference in getting Raith on the front foot in the 2nd half, he himself won more tackles & 50/50’s in 45 minutes than the rest of the midfield did collectively in the whole game. Football is about balance when you have the ball & just as importantly when you don’t, if we play with the lightweight midfield that started yesterday against Livi we will have real problems.
  8. Raith midfield a shambles, far too weak haven’t won a single challenge the whole first half, totally bulled by Forfar.
  9. Bene’s red was for 2 yellows so not deemed violent conduct and should only mean a one game ban against Dumbarton, unless the SFA have changed the rules again
  10. Like most would have settled for a point beforehand with the players missing, but whoever the player was on the touch line being as weak as piss letting the Falkirk player bully them and run past them into the box to cross for their goal wants to have a word with themselves as that was just not good enough.
  11. Regan is due to have his scan this evening (Tuesday) so hopefully the club will be in a position to let everyone know the results tomorrow or Thursday.
  12. If it was for his free-kicks & corners where he didn’t get the ball past the first defender once all game, I can totally understand the the “awful” comment at Regan Hendry
  13. On a Tuesday /Wednesday night as well, followed by a trip to Stranraer on Saturday 17th August, bet the players are looking forward to that as much as the fans.
  14. Regardless, I am sure it will still be a hell of a lot more than yourself[emoji23]
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