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  1. Mate am not saying it's TRUE or not. Just reporting what I was told .I agree alot of decent players playing out with the premier this year
  2. Have just heard at work that fenwick amateurs are splashing the cash this year?? The boy muir supposedly getting 30 a week and a free 50 bit per game.
  3. Hope not that keeper as he was fukin mince. Couldn't catch a cold
  4. Hearing galston have 7/8 ringers in for tonight . Can see an upset on the cards tonight if true.
  5. Catrine 2 - 1 whitletts Cross house 8 - 2 galston Dalry 1 - 4 west kilbride Drongan 3 - 0 glen Muir Irvine 9 - 0 craigie Large 2 -3 booth Pie man no often wrong.
  6. And how is that??. Its just my.opinion
  7. Dont have a clue what you are talking about or who u think this is but your defo heading down the wrong path.
  8. New farm will take atleast 5 off cumnock
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