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  1. Turnbull, who came close to joining Celtic last summer before failing a medical, has had preventative knee surgery and Robinson said it "brings a big smile to my face when I watch him in training". "He is full training, he has played 11 v 11, so we are just waiting for the final OK. I can't wait for that," added the manager" Absolutely nobody can convince me otherwise to the fact that this must mean he is absolutely causing it in training.
  2. Watt and McIver both were excellent I thought second half, McIver is so good in the air.... Although we gloss over him losing his man for their second I believe I actually am willing to give Maciver the benefit of the doubt for losing his man, he should be tighter but for me, why he is marking Obika is the question that should be asked, why are hartley or Mugabi not marking him rather than leaving him to a young attacker built like a fiver?
  3. I always remember Vadocz being fairly decent, in football manager 07 he was one of the only well players with a picture, but for some reason it was a picture of Jamie Murphy as opposed to him. what about Marios Klimpl? was he more of a cult hero than being any good?
  4. how's the weather holding up that neck of the woods? planning on driving up from East Kilbride after work.
  5. My team are playing Haggs Tavern in the cup on sunday, seems to be some high praise for them on here. They class aye? unbeaten all season I believe.
  6. That's the plan mate, I don't really fancy the idea of the home end, pros - get to see the game, cons - if we are winning the away end will look class and I wont see it, losing and I will need to pretend to clap. will hang around outside the ground and hopefully see a ticket on the day.
  7. Any so angry from the livi result they aren't going to St mirren, I have 20 quid to go to a good home.
  8. incidentally Sky sports have deleted the tweet, which coincides with Jarrod bowen's move to west ham stalling over personal terms.
  9. purely to f**k with Livi for tomorrow, stick a bid in for Lyndon Dykes.
  10. Less than 200 Motherwell tickets left.
  11. I play Sunday league and there is talk that a boy from another team has signed for yourselves, Ryan officer, 60 goals in 16 games. Any Clyde fans heard anything?
  12. Was there not chat at the time that the club were more keen to get Scott tied down than they were Hastie this time last year?
  13. I never actually thought of that to be honest, he was LInked with Atlanta whilst with us so you never know, there season starts back in March I believe.
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