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  1. He has signed for us permanently on a two year contract.
  2. You also have Donnelly and Grimshaw who can play in midfield if required?
  3. Agreed, grown men taking to twitter to have a pop at players is embarrassing, even more so in the circumstances of this game.
  4. stand corrected, I knew there a connection there somewhere.
  5. seeing as we are tapping into the scandanavian market, any chance of resigning Maros Klimpl?
  6. This is why i would quite like to see the highlights of the game, doesn't give you much but its better than a zoomed in weird angle of Danny Johnson lobbing the keeper. The footage is obviously there so why not put it out? EDIT: And as if my magic, cheers capt_oats
  7. last two overhead kicks I remember certainly were, Higdon against Hibs and Kallum Higginbotham also against hibs, maybe even the same season.....anyone recall anymore since them?
  8. I can't imagine Gallagher being anything other than a starter. All things point to him being a great signing, was excellent at livi so hopefully carries that over.
  9. someone started a Kit threaded last season and I fairly enjoyed it...everyone batter in, showcase the new kits for 19/20 season.
  10. according to wikipedia (which isn't gospel of course) he joined motherwell at a young age, even still I don't think i have ever heard of him reffered to as a hearts youngster? GMS at ross county is a mile out as well imo.
  11. Ek Athletic, part of the Sunday central,championship, are on the look out for a striker. Finished just short of the top 3 in the past two seasons in a very competitive league, few very strong teams in the division and hoping to add some quality up top to make a push for the top.
  12. If you have got Stephen Dobbie at Hibs surely James Mcfadden in the Motherwell squad? similar era's also, Steven Hammell as well, surely has to be in there.
  13. lot's of debt is a bit far fetched as far as i'm aware, not 100% sure what the figure is at but I am sure I read somewhere that without taking any transfer fee from Turnbull into consideration the debt would be cleared, taking into consideration Hastie, Kipre's sale and Mckinstry as well, and the albeit slim chance of cadden's dev fee.
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