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  1. Unsure ask the bread guy he likes to speak for everyone
  2. Your very articulate in your words trust me I've no intention Mr know it all to go into any further dialogue I'm just making sure folk know that you know nothing of Rossvale jfc & ps I'm not your friend
  3. I'm more than informed than you will ever know stick to an academy thread and get off the Juniors forum as you know very little what's going on at our junior club your just going by hearsay any announcements will come from OUR Chairman
  4. Your talking absolute nonsense regarding Rossvale Juniors they havent approached nobody at the Sjfa regarding this so your so called know it all about them is all bluff sir stop spreading daft rumours
  5. Difficult to take ? Love your respect their pal.... see you in the league games
  6. Contact us at Rossvale Juniors Fc happy to have a chat contact us via Twitter @rossvalejfc
  7. Think you need change yet patter Chris how many user names you got now?
  8. It's called living within your means we have probably the smallest budget and squad in the Premiership with a squad of players who have been together for a few seasons now we have been blessed with 3 top young managers who have progressed our club McGinty ....Moffat and now Davie Gormley & Sean Higgins
  9. So gate receipts and headcount of both committees taken into consideration including kids ?
  10. It wasn't a bald patch it was a part of pitch damaged by a firework & that area of the pitch had no effect in the result at the end of the day and obviously our 1 goal was enough to win the game
  11. You've a young team there but a minority of home supporters giving your players major grief was just a bit overboard imo nasty
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