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  1. Geezzzz ! Seriously ! Negative negative negative. Sign a player and you pop at the timing of news and then pop at the player because he seemingly hasn’t played the last year
  2. They better get several thousand pounds out their bank account because both are signed players ! Show us the money! Must have got a lot more charging your own supporters more during the week lol
  3. Imagine charging more for a semi final. What an absolute joke of a club. Hold your heads in shame
  4. Obsessed!!! Why are lithgae fans so obsessed everything boness ??
  5. I don’t know what noising up constitutes in Tranent but that was far more bile and disgraceful comments than winding up, and it was all game ! If it was to come out of adults mouths it would have been shocking but to come out kids mouth !!
  6. There was 3 kids 12-16 year olds who must have came with team or club because they were in with officials before gate was open. They sat on the players dug out area until moved from the linesman 15 mins INTO the game. The abuse/bile/swear words that was directed to max and the two coaches was a disgrace / embarrassing without whoever they were with having a word ! If they were mine they would have been in the car and on there way home at 2.45 ! So before stating about a big guy arguing with your players take a look at your own officials/officials kids !
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