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  1. I am finding it more and more difficult to be on here three hours a day, too. I may adapt your no coinage philosophy.
  2. Some trail of devastation the wee bit wind has left behind. Some of the pictures are quite scary. The driving range beside me is in tatters (which is nice, golf is shit).
  3. What is it about the £1 trolley you can't stomach but normal trolleys are fine. As in, are you fine using parking machines and vending machines etc? (If I am correct in assuming it's the whole £1 slot thing?)
  4. £1 trolleys make you sick to the stomach - so much so you won't use them?
  5. Your group was considerably harder last season though. It could be argued you're doing just as badly due to the opposition and picking up only two more points.
  6. Celtic were completely outplayed tonight. Scored a decent breakaway goal, right enough. As has been pointed out numerous times over a consistent period by myself : Mikey Johnson is absolutely nowhere near the level required at Celtic. Even at Premiership level.
  7. Aye, there's a guy in this age group I've seen twice now in the passing who is really distinguishable - and looks a fucking excellent talent. By the looks of those around him I'd say 14/15 years old and is a fair bit ahead of them.
  8. It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. It was nice while it lasted, Johnny.. but this is goodbye. I'll never forget you. x
  9. You must be an absolute nightmare to live with. Is your missus just on edge all the time!?
  10. How did three Celtic players manage to get sucked into that short pass from the keeper and leave the whole of centre mid wide open? Embarrassing.
  11. My ex from a decade ago used to love 50% off sales so she'd buy two of the same tshirt. She'd never wear them twice as much though. God no, people would think she was "a mink".
  12. If Courts really wanted to make a stand against racism, he will wear a 'Show racism the red card' tshirt whilst shaking, Mackays hand. Other than that, good luck Dundee United.
  13. Meant to ask this the other night - which age group train at the new place on the Kingsway on Tuesday evenings?
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