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  1. Am I? When people ask for a nice restaurant, are they asking posters to do restaurant searches? I'm looking for recommendations from people who have been to pleasant relaxing places for a few nights.
  2. Thank you, looks lovely. Quick questions in the quick question thread? Think so, mate.
  3. Looking for someplace to go for two nights that will be relaxing and no more than 2hrs from Dundee. Friday & Saturday. £150 per night max.
  4. I was looking at lodges the other week. Not executive or any top resort and I was the same, just laughed at the prices. Pricing themselves out of business.
  5. Wild bean cafe offerings are fucking excellent.
  6. Did they not get into a public spat when Waddell was saying "Nice to find out I've been released on Twitter" then McPake come out and basically said "It was on Twitter because you asked the club to put it there so clubs would contact you".
  7. When did Inverness go back to pre season training and when down the line do people expect Billy Dodds to start working on defending with his squad of players?
  8. Was it Luna or Billio that Harry rocked up alongside?
  9. Waddell and McPake have a bit of history, do they not?
  10. Lift engineer looks a cushy job, we occasionally have to deal with them for access underneath lifts and they all say that it's not hard going, not sure what the money is like though. Depends where you're located, like most things. £16 - £18 an hour in Dundee.
  11. Started a new job a month ago. A week into I was offered a position at another firm in a lift engineer role. I thanked them for the offer but turned the role down explained the situation and wished them the best of luck in the future. The guy replied wishing me luck in my new position and thanked me for replying. That was it. I've just had an email from them telling me I don't match what they're looking for and to look elsewhere. 🤷‍♂️
  12. They'd then go back and tell their younger self who, in turn, would invent one and go back and tell their younger self. We'd eventually have a five year old time traveller with nobody to tell.
  13. Those last few posts about hospital treatment are harrowing.
  14. Are all the Gordons guid c***s They're all c***s. A select few are guid.
  15. Liverpool starting pre season games with Karius in the goals and Ben Davies and James Milner in the back four. lol.
  16. Posted it in the Ross County thread ages ago. Midge has always been a wee creep and serial cheat.
  17. Only if when it's fully grown you don't put it in your handbag.
  18. Used to enjoy Sheridan's podcast so for that reason alone
  19. If you're lucky enough to win a ticket that you've paid for you've to then go and do a test and then register and print your results before getting in? Fuckthat BTW.
  20. Anyone in a long sleeved polo is a creep. Happy to help.
  21. I say carpet, I just assume it was. It's been Velcro for as long as I've known it.
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