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  1. It depends on "contactless crazy". If it's hit too many times too quickly it automatically locks/sends notifications via email or text. If they're 'clever' and spread it over a period of time I reckon that's on yourself for not noticing both your card missing and money going walkies.
  2. That's some self back patting going on there, the guys an ego maniac.
  3. I suppose everyone would like to keep their memories though. Yours are clearly disappearing. Mellon was appointed post promotion.
  4. I wouldn't worry about it, Paulo. All of the weegie suburb clubs fans have ideas way above their stations. WTF is that audio all about. Kill it with fire.
  5. I'll disagree here. Personally I've been to two interviews and a medical before at the last minute deciding the travel wasn't worth it. It was an hour up the road and I now travel more in my current role. Good call, Alli. Fuck sake Alli.
  6. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone Drew. You've told everyone quite a few times now that you're on holiday and how good it is. Right enough, every time you've told everyone this, you're posting about the Rangers. It was just an observation. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. See you here, same time same place tomorrow mate.
  7. Good to read this. Take every day as it comes, take all the help you need and take your time. We will all still be here when you're feeling ready.
  8. Like both of those. Boabs tattoos are fucking guggit, they should have been airbrushed out. Sure he's got the clingfilm on under that top too
  9. That's a great bit of business by United. Sign him for hee haw, howk him out for money. Not many 40ish year old you can do that with in football.
  10. Aftersun. You're an adult though. You should be able to deal with it.
  11. He's been recording a program for BT. He's with VVD and he asked who the other top 4 of the top 5 defenders to play in England are, as he's first. He says Halaand will struggle at City unless he tempers his ego and suggests Man Utd sign Max Aarons from Norwich. A player his agency has signed to them.
  12. Nope. They were the drug dealers choice of go to whilst County lines were closed, they've been bred inhumanely and are readily available.
  13. It's amazing, isn't it. You're drowning? You're an adult. Should have been able to cope. You're suffocating? You're an adult, you should know how to cope. You're bleeding out? You're an adult. You should know how to cope. You have to feel a huge amount of pity for folk like Drew (and on the other side). Nothing is greater than trying to goad over the other arse cheek. Not even a simple sense of care for another humans wellbeing. Nothing.
  14. One up top. Even if you have 4 good strikers he will play one up top. He will attempt three at the back. Again - even if you don't have the players for the system, he will attempt it. Usually played with two 'sitters'.
  15. Because he's a glorious sexy bastirt with lovely saft feet. Thank you.
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