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  1. Watching him rip the pish out of James McCarthay again - like the good old days - would be delightful.
  2. Everyday Garment South Wales. Murrrrfuckaaaaa.
  3. "A bit dangerous that from Morelos" As he tries to control a ball at shin height with his foot whilst Fraser is diving about head first.
  4. I've only seen about 10 minutes, if the game but Hagi is having a fucking field day.
  5. Yeah, 5-4. Going well this season though. Interested to see the little and large CH pairing with another former Dee.
  6. It's not YMC is it? I know it's not 4 letters but only Welsh abbreviated brand I can think. Nah, they boys are a bit more upmarket and known - and are stocked in Dundee. This guy I was only ever able to see on Twitter. Think I've fucked it and don't want to hijack other labels posts on Twitter saying "eh but do you ken that other label please?"
  7. Looking for a make of clothing. It is a Welsh company - abbreviated to 4 letters. I was certain it was ESGW but I can't find it on the search engines or Twitter. @Bert Raccoon - @Adam.. Anybody other cool cats any ideas?
  8. Any touch - no matter how inadvertent, below the knee - of a defending player that the goalkeeper picks up should be deemed as a passback.
  9. I just chuck them in a food bag. I used to get mega pissed off having to chop off the corner of bacon that was surplus on first use as the pack would roll back.
  10. Woman on the news just said : "One bit of solace for the family is that she died doing what she loved". What is it with these c***s.
  11. World gone mad, IMO. In my day it was men without hats.
  12. Robbie Neilson is the Scottish Steve Bruce. Only he's from Paisley so he deserves it.
  13. And just like that - Dundee halt the Hearts title tilt again.
  14. Can someone please gif that grown man tapping his watch, arm outstretched. What a state to let your kids see you get in at a game of football, fucking rocket.
  15. Here - btw - nae idea how Halkett got given MOTM. Cochrane has been your best defender.
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