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  1. Day 1 of Orkney work trip done. Falling in love with the place and a female. Edit : hellae windy like though, ken.
  2. The Panther and The Chapman both emptied before showing the world what they're capable of. @Girth, my shoulder is here for you. Pozniak wasn't shite, IMO. Wasn't very good but was an absolute murderer.
  3. It's great to see Tony Watt give the Darren Jackson guarantee, it really is.
  4. I'm sure Ian and Dick Campbell had the lead roles in that.
  5. Does anybody have any information on Hamilton watches? Been offered one for X amount but at that price point I'd rather just chuck the extra couple of hundred and get a Farer. Ideally holding out for a Panerai but trying to save up for that when there are so many (apparently excellent) superclones going about is looking less appealing. Maybe get a Rado.
  6. He'd be pretty daft to leave. He's on an absolute fortune and gets whatever he desires. Same with Halaand. He'll do at least 5 years at City IMO.
  7. How could they revise it down? Have some of the dead come back to life? Were some of the dead bodies already there pre-incident?
  8. Fairly sure all the youths still train and play there. I think it was office staff and first team squad to Gardyne.
  9. Apoplectic that Eriksen and Martinez both escaped yellows thus costing me a coupon win. Eriksen in the build up to the 4th and Martinez when City just kept the ball in play for about 8 minutes solid. Still, get it up you Alex Ferguson.
  10. St Johnstone and Dundee United are already in the Premiership.
  11. twitter_20221002_145330.mp4 An alternative visual representation of how Haaland was treating any player close to him.
  12. It should be three, Erikson being spared for taking out De Bruyne in the build up to 4.
  13. Had some "K-Town Chicken" delivered for the football. No idea if it's a chain restaurant but it was funking delightful.
  14. Man Uniteds midfield is being completely overrun here. Whoever is supposed to 'sit' is absolutely non existent. Their retention is abysmal too.
  15. £5 on 3+ cards, Haaland 2 shots on target and City win at 5/1.
  16. I used to love that "immersive" camera when it first come about. It's just annoying now - especially so with that Blue Moon reboot belting out behind it. Awful. Mon the City.
  17. Not sure how Mr Pimblett will react to this, Mr Portnoy.
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