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  1. I'm almost, almost beginning to hate you as much as @MONKMAN. What a life you've got.
  2. I'm not sure my "want to behave until like, 1pm? I'll give you £2!" will work on them so, on that basis, it's a hard no.
  3. Been babysitting last night and this morning. Got the dude until like 4pm. Kids are fucking brilliant and I want one.
  4. Quite like the Barca kit as individual shorts and top but married up its too much going on in one place.
  5. I know the boy on the left. He's being very reserved there, heidcase. Good c**t though.
  6. The club was just bought over and the main guy has decided he can't be doing with it. See above.
  7. That's shaws bird. Walkers is the one on her left. I've no idea what or who anyone is in about then but whoever the last on the right is is a 10/10 until her ankles.
  8. @Den Spark @Robin.Hood seen the Downfield are falling apart already?
  9. Kyle Walkers wife is a babe until you see those fucking trainers she has on. In the bin, hen.
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