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  1. That video is very unnerving. You get touchy feely folk that make you uncomfortable and invade personal space but he's throwing his head into children's hair, repeatedly. Even once they're slightly ushered away. I managed about 30 seconds and it went off.
  2. Absolutely, I agree. Looking at it it can certainly be classed as 'poor'. The club has said it needs all the help it can get, Jim a couple of doors down does too. Lifelong Dee, season ticket every year for about 40 years. I've never seen the club help him. It's just priorities for folk right now. If there's 1000 sold or 10,000 it really doesn't matter. There is far more going on in the world than keeping a multi millionaires toy above water. Yes there's emotional attachment for folk and if it dies people will be hurt but (again, for me) it's only a fucking club. I love it but it's immaterial in the grand scheme of things.
  3. I'm not going to defend the number but would I f**k be throwing £300 at something that doesn't start for 3 months without knowing if I'll even get in. My feelings are well documented that it's only a game and I can take it or leave it. If folk out of work or on furlough or even in work don't see it as a worthwhile purchase, I'm certainly not going to ridicule them. If I went to every home game I still spend more time per year going to the cinema and I'm not up for giving them £300. Fair play to anybody who does it, especially those who can't really afford it but do it out of blind love but again, fuckthat. It's not for me.
  4. No Wattoo goes up to woman in nightclubs and moves their hair aside so he can speak to them. It was a St Johnstone poster who sat behind another St Johnstone poster and started smelling her hair. (I think).
  5. Peter Schmeichel no likey Jesse Lingaard.
  6. The mains pipe in my work was burst today by a near 500kg pallet of material falling onto it. The work was submerged when I got in and the fireys were combing the area trying to find where to switch it off. Nearly 6hrs later they located what they needed - about 2 streets away in the middle of one of the busiest roads into the city centre. It had been tarmac'd over so they had to dig the road up. Switched it off and fucked off. About 9:45pm I went for a look and the water had started pishing back in again. Its going to be absolutely fucking sailing in there tomorrow morning.
  7. Yep. 'Bayo has been very silly and stereotyped water buffalo under one colour here. That's not a clever move and I am eagerly awaiting their representatives making comment.
  8. See the view, they boys Kent what it was aboot.kennin Dj's that get wasted. Eh Ken Dj's that get wasted. So relatable man. Same wi wearing jeans for 4 days. There's been times some o meh cleanest jeans were 3 day worn. How do they get me so well like?
  9. Wednesday 2:45pm. £5 tip will be left.
  10. Wait.. How the f**k do you meet someone from Mexico on Tinder when you stay in Dunfermline?! Does his search radius just read "worldwide"?
  11. That would, indeed, be quite the turn in this particular soap opera. If he does, do we not get told until after 9pm?
  12. I am politely going to agree to disagree. I would highly recommend never placing Alicia and Kylie in the same stratosphere of physical attractiveness or we may have to come to blows. I bid you good day, sir.
  13. Do I play it cool and wait for a boozer near me to open then claim or do I go feet first and book a free pint now.
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