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  1. Can somebody sign into their @Zoomer Brown account please?
  2. This. Also, can anybody shine some light on why top of the table Reading are 13/10 to beat a terrible Coventry side?
  3. According to one of your own supporters on this very topic he has in the excess of £100m and Dundee United wouldn't have to worry about anything.
  4. Banana Forth road bridge shoe lace. Edit : Nope. When I type random words they don't make sense to me either. I'd ask you to explain your last post but I think it's best for my eyes I just leave the topic for a while. Have a nice day (reads like you are already, tbf).
  5. Dundee 2 Raith 1 Dunfermline 5 QotS 1 ICT 1 Arbroath 1 Morton 0 Ayr 1
  6. ^^ Got a letter from the PLC telling him to please have a wash, IMO.
  7. Sorry his exact words were "limited funds" not "little money". You've paid off the entire hospitality section of the workforce for when furlough ends. Not surprising nor something to really have a dig at the club at - it has to cut its cloth. It's the fact that now your club won't be paying those employees direct anymore - your sporting director has put it in place that the club will pay his agency which will in turn supply the workforce and he will take his extra cut. It's easy enough to find out - and I'm pretty sure one of the posters on here will have been affected.
  8. Winter is brilliant. I love the dark mornings and nights though and could sit outside in the pushing rain and snow until I get hypothermia. The cold that comes with Winter is a bit shit but then, I deal better with that than I do the scorching sun (occasionally) of Summer. Autumn > Winter > Spring >> Summer.
  9. I'm only going to catch the second half again. If same happens as did last week I might end up TV shopping by 6pm, or dead from boredom.
  10. Sake @Bairnardo, how could you possibly not relies it?
  11. You've asked your players to take a 20% cut - apart from two. Your sporting director has paid off rafts of employees and told them if they want their jobs back they can reapply for work through an agency. An agency he runs. Your owner is on record saying he has little money left he's able to put in. The club thought they'd have fans back for a month by now and budgeted for that. I think that about covers it. Have you any further insight, @Dundee Hibernian or do you just want to keep discussing Dundee fans?
  12. 270694292_fuckingquidditch....h.mp4.71887e1a6c9971a54451754d0aa49da0.mp4
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