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  1. Up Strathdon skidding all over the place. Bra fun.
  2. Mind when yi used to just wander the streets chappin' doors and goin in hooses whar yi didna ken anybuhdy but it wis new year an yiz ah just got oan? Nah, me neither. Fucking weirdo behaviour.
  3. Why has Dryhorce suddenly turned into a massive Rangers fan? .. was he not Kilmarnock or Ayr or som... Oh, now I see.
  4. I've mentioned this before but I'm forever "cleaning" my ears whenever I walk into a bathroom. It's not even a cotton bud all the time. If I'm at work ill just jam keys in my ear whenever I visit a toilet. It's not even done concuously anymore. I have had problems with my ears fir years and the professionals have just called it 'over sensitive hearing'. The last time I visited I was told they'd never heard of that. I think it all stems from frustration of years of lazy diagnosis.
  5. I started with new company mid summer. Quickly asked what happens at Christmas and found out last year the bosses took the scrap and went on a night out where none of the site boys were invited. Scrap was at that point quickly never returned to workshop which has led to a few underhand wee scroaters doing investigations but the customers are brand new once explained to them and they just tell bosses they kept it themselves. Scrap kitty currently sits at £650(ish) for the four Dundee boys.
  6. That explains why I'm thick as fuck then.
  7. Danny Alves runs like he has astro turf trainers on in the ice rink.
  8. I wouldn't say so. He's kicked the sole of his foot so by the letter of the law, its a penalty. Barely kicking his foot makes it soft. Defenders don't need eyes in the back of their head. Like every player he should know what's going on around him.
  9. Goalie completely deserved that for his goal line embarrassment.
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