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  1. Diallo is a brilliant bit of business in theory. In reality watching him get booted 8 feet in the air at the Tony Macaroni is what I'll be tuning in for. Diall0 or Dial999?
  2. I'm sat watching the wrestling for the first time in gods knows how ong and Bianca BelAir (?) is fantastic entertainment.
  3. I'll spread my bollocks on your toast for a fraction of the price. They're the marmalade. x
  4. You're not missing much. It's baltic unless you're in the stand and then if you are, the most enjoyable thing is trying to catch pies I'm throwing up from the van.
  5. A very peculiar time to tell us all you dream of Dundee players, tbh. I thought Hendry was all effort last night. You should definitely continue with him up top.
  6. Spicy chicken korma pizza tonight - was delicious. I'd have taken a picture of it but fuck you!
  7. Peterheid on a Monday, night? I'm just getting over Huntly about a decade ago. Nae chance.
  8. You're understating just how bad we are. It's pathetic, it's embarrassing and it's very, very difficult to watch happen. 3-1 Dundee.
  9. He's got a beautiful house. This could have all come out if nowhere, in no space of time.
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