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  1. Leeds are doing great at fouling in good positions of play without taking a card. It's a meaningless last ten minutes but it'll be great viewing.
  2. Surely if you put the ball through someone's legs (as Rafinha just did to Fernandingo) then you get chokeslammed, it's a free kick? Yes, Fernandingo can't get out the way but that's not Rafinha's problem. Edit : Fernandingo is an amazing autocorrect.
  3. That's a shite red card, that.
  4. I was under the impression he was only signed because he'd qualify for the homegrown rule. If that's not the case it was a bewildering signing.
  5. Quick search shows £3m. £3.7m the year before that, too. Is there any indication what's happening with these debts yet?
  6. I think it's just players and staff. Club accounts will still operate. I was wondering this last night. If there's a minutes silence for Dooky, are they just incorporating the Stand/Knee in to that or are they two separate things for the players?
  7. Glorious morning in beautiful, sunny Dundee. Have a lovely weekend.
  8. "Get yer c**t oot, yi c**t" is a primal mating call here in Dundee. Women get weak at it.
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