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  1. Congratulations to @Twinkle and Margot on the announcement of her pregnancy.
  2. On the swally yesterday and ended up basically begging my mate to go to sleep about 7am. He'd woke me up asking I'd to go for a pint at opening so I'm wide awake and half pished and he's fucked off back to sleep.
  3. Shankland booked into Malmaison for three nights this week.
  4. @101 is over 25 and the grey hairs coming. (Happy Birthday!)
  5. Like I said - not a pop at Celtic. Their deal has been written as this but there's numerous others the same nowadays.
  6. I'm getting old and the only opinion I have to share of "The cabbage kit" is .. that's going to a bastirt to keep clean.
  7. Albus was alright, he obviously just got a bit bored and started trying to rifle into folk. Some CV update he's got now though "Banned from illustrious online football forum for relentless trolling of hay fever sufferers". Long may your candle burn, brother.
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