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  1. "Isn't yoghurt just cheese and milk mixed together?"
  2. He's a dead cert to score at least one - his stats look fucking abysmal at a level lower than where we're at now.
  3. Is Barile even involved with United in any way - even as a head of an affiliated supporters group?
  4. How does a failed at math teaching child puncher get on the radio?
  5. There will be two little speech bubbles to the left of the topic you wish to read, click them rather than the actual topic title and it will take you to the last read post.
  6. Any money coming into the clubs pockets should be. Stick spending money on players then United and Caley's whining gets the season stopped. It isn't as if we'd be going up anyway. Keep the cash in reserve (after paying the full wages of players) and go again next season with it, IMO.
  7. Firing Lampard is fair enough, replacing him with Tuchel is lunacy.
  8. It's a place for nonces of the world to congregate. Leave them to it, IMO.
  9. He was a very wealthy man when he left Real Madrid. He then become the highest paid manager in the English Championship. He then commanded a wage rise to be in amongst some of the highest paid managers in England. He then doubled that wage to take a job in China. He was always a very wealthy man, to think money isn't his goal would be incredibly stupid. He will be Celtic manager if and only if, there are no other bids offering him more money.
  10. Some of Pogba's touches and hip swivels to evade tackles are semi inducing.
  11. Is, it just me or does Van De Beek look like a young Woody Harrelson?
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