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  1. You're not allowed to point out that @cb_diamond is a lunatic who follows people around the forum as @cb_diamond takes it very personally having it proven to him, as can be seen by @cb_diamond's response to yourself. He just "happens to be there".
  2. I'd rather not discuss that please, bitey.
  3. I'm going to make sweet potato shepherd's pie today.
  4. Looks like S5 is going the completely opposite direction than what I thought. Genny is not happy Ciro is still alive.
  5. And even at that it on occured when nobody was allowed within 2mtrs of one another. It was hardly an achievement tbh.
  6. Welcome - from the Jam Roly Poly.
  7. Is letting off "uncontrollable explosive devices" really a 'culture'?
  8. No more SlipperyP and more SturdyFootingP with his new footwear accessories.
  9. That superman squirrel is quite cool tbf.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to prove my point. Welcome to the board.
  11. Apart from every fan saying he's an idiot then yeah, you're right. Just because we're not crying he volleyed the flare into the fans abusing him doesn't mean he isn't an idiot.
  12. You're trying pathetically hard today. Get back in your lane, sunshine.
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