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  1. Bestest of luck to the Platform 3's. Raith these little Queenies.
  2. I did. The dug ate it before departure. He also ate my driving licence which is why I cannot say where I am as I'm here illegally.
  3. My workday got off to the best possible start today when my flight from the island to another was cancelled. Was sidetracked somewhat by having to rush to get a ferry I was booked on since cancellation to go and do Fridays work. I missed that - and the next. Toddled onto the one after, 40 minutes, 10 minutes job anout 2 minutes from the ferry and reboarded the same one back to my* Island. I've been in the hotel again since 2pm only leaving to wander around co op and tesco because the fucking half decent pub doesn't open until 7pm. I'm not going out again in that weather. *I give it back on Friday. I'm coming home to resume power in DD4.
  4. Sorry to hear that mate. You've posted some lovely messages in here with him. Stay strong.
  5. Check the file name. My thoughts exactly. I can't believe I was captured wearing black trainers. A real low moint in my life.
  6. Isn't TXRover just that HermanHessian bloke that was banned from here?
  7. Tortoise and their hare, Johnny. We all remember the story. We've beeb repugnant all season whilst QueensPurk have apparently been scintillating yet we are still going to limp over the line in first place. What a club.
  8. Saddened to hear about his passing. In one of .y first jobs my old boss was a homophobic wee twat whose wife left him so he was right on plenty of fish. We set up an account called Paula Grady and spent a few weeks messaging him. Good Times. RIP Paul.
  9. That's @Newbornbairn (I think) and a coo.
  10. Self explanatory. Take a poster. Post a picture of how your mind sees them. @Melanius Mullarkay
  11. If they expanded the 10% off on their dri k too, I'd never leave the shop and possibly buy two season tickets!
  12. Buy a season ticket to get 10% off at 'The butcher The baker'.I might save my season ticket back on the amount of polony u buy from there.
  13. Flying out of Aberdeen this morning for the first time. What a shithole.
  14. That Dundee fan on coronation Street seems to be morphing into Drew McIntyre.
  15. She had slept with a guy who it was found had been sleeping around with numerous deid folk.
  16. Can't have facetimes into ears. I'm a caller. Hate texting (but love posting on here, weirdly). It's good to see faces to gauge reactions etc. People that want to communicate primarily or only through text can't be trusted. I say writing on an Internet forum.
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