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  1. Fury being an absolute shithouse, to the surprise of nobody.
  2. Djimi Traire won the Champions League. Let's not make out he was a good player either. I'm startled you've tried to place Sheridan and Fletcher in the same category tbh.
  3. Nade scored the first. Peaso put us two up.
  4. Just seen that there. A sad day. Its shite in the main now but the concept could still work if they weren't trying to shoehorn people like Bullard in. Get Adam Rowe and Dan Nightingale presenting it.
  5. Middle of the week banger brought to you, in part by Derry Alli. Get your lugs round this @SlipperyP. Twa Dundee biys.
  6. Sounds ideal man. I'm terrible at pool so will get @johnnydun out as well. Heard he's a hustler though.
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