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  1. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Craig Brown seemed really touchy and Kenny Miller comes across as an argumentative arsehole.
  2. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Nightshift. It's destroying me. Got a flit to help with in about 5hrs. I struggled from 1pm (finished at 7am and slept 9am to 1pm) until about 11pm last night. Been awake since 2am and am wide awake.
  3. Unpopular opinions.

    Dundee is hardly Milan or Paris (no shit, Sherlock) but I've never seen anybody wear them here for about 5 years. Shandon is having a shocker. The last pair of 'wallopers gutties' that were doing the rounds here that I know of were Mocks.
  4. Blue cheese is vomit inducing.
  5. Either cauliflower or broccoli with cheese is a delight. Edit : @DA Baracus, is that Ray Parlour in your Avatar?
  6. Why would she open the window to make it look like there had been an intruder if her child was snatched? She has to admit she left the kids in the apartment, I'm not really sure confusing the authorities (even more) would help in her search.
  7. I'm not sure why Kate would be outside opening the window and totally forgetting she'd done it if her child had actually been snatched though?
  8. Dundee v Celtic

    Three people have said it, (*Edit - that's three I've seen) one saying "get your own material" to the other two after they said it. Still, we can keep this going and you can wriggle and flail to try and detract from the fact you're the biggest hypocrite on the site. Adding to the fact you're also the biggest weirdo. And then there's the fact you're relishing this exchange because, you guessed it, you're also the biggest attention seeker. Worse than Rab B. All round, you're an absolute oddball.
  9. Who opens the window, in that scenario?
  10. Dundee v Celtic

    Is it? Why are the majority of your posts followed quickly by many posters saying "Shut up, Dave" then?
  11. Dundee v Celtic

    There has been multiple mentions of it in Gen Nonsense the past few days. Your village clearly needs you.
  12. Dundee v Celtic

    Yikes. Along comes this Celtic poster to the show spouting this about seething mess, stepping away from the Internet and calling folks a roaster without the slightest bit of irony. You are the guy who made up multiple accounts to have conversations with yourself, yes?
  13. Reading Herman Hermassian's (or whatever the username is) posts make me feel very uncomfortable. I've never encountered a poster on a forum quite as unnerving as that one. Strange, really.