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  1. It was a bit of harmless fun that snowballed into folk begging for green dots.
  2. It's pointless waiting mate, different muscles being used. Start off by knees on an arm of a chair and just build up confidence and form from there. If you just went straight in to one I'm 95% confident you'd struggle. Everybody does. The burn is brilliant though.
  3. The English version of the Royal Mail website is not loading and I've just navigated the Welsh version to find out where my parcel is.
  4. Dele


    Hulu are offering a free trial, but if you've any IPTV, it's available through that. It actually got better as it went on.
  5. Gossipmongers - unadulterated nonsense. Just a silly, silly podcast. Great fun.
  6. How highly was Amoruso rated by Rangers fans? I always seem to remember him being a bit of a joke figure amongst folk but I always rated him. Ferguson is controlling this game.
  7. "She's going to advise us on what measures we should take but she's not allowed to speak to you about it." This is the people we're voting for.
  8. A poster on here got punted out a casino for (allegedly) counting cards.
  9. She's the cook is she not?
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