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  1. You ll have to help me out here. What the f**k has any of that got to do with a Paedophile Ring at Celtic Football Club? Probably the single worse and sickest whataboutery i have seen on a football forum.
  2. I am not here to put the boot into the present Celtic Board. I simply do not understand why they have chosen to go the way they have but as far as the crimes committed they are historical and those responsible for the cover up should be held accountable. Surely you agree with that ? Yep there are many utter scumbags that follow all football clubs and the Old Firm seem to attract more than their fair share but that doesn't mean to say we ignore a Paedophile ring FFS! You simply don't see it despite it being spelt out for you . It is not the individual crimes but the cover up of said crimes and now , to a lesser extent, the outright denial of any responsibility. The club have a duty of care FFS! It goes back a lot further than 20 years. Try doubling that figure! I don't know how much you know about working with kids but Disclosure Scotland is not going to keep Paedophiles out.
  3. FFS not this again. It is my name but i would have thought that was obvious to any normal thinking person. Not giving my full name but it is Angus and i am called Gus or Gusty.
  4. What is tragic is people like yourself who accuse others of using child abuse of oneupmanship. All that evil needs to succeed ....... It is up to everyone to call out these b*****ds WHEREVER they are !!! I would have thought that child abuse and bringing those responsible to justice is one of the few things that would bring the whole of Scottish Football together. Obviously not as 'The name of Celtic Football Club must be protected AT ALL COSTS' ETA... Using the death of 66 football supporters in an accident that could have happened anywhere at anytime is probably as sick as it gets. If Celtic Football Club and Celtic Boys Club are separate then why did the football club investigate them in the mid 80s? Why did the OFFICIAL Celtic Football Club magazine have match reports and weekly updates of the Separate Boys Club? Why did the then Celtic Football Club manager kick one of the Beats out the boys club? Why did the normally PR savvy Celtic board go down this separate Entity route when it is glaring obvious to all that they are one and the same. Making Celtic Boys Club change their name to St Patricks () Boys Club just brings heat on to the present day board that didn't need to be there after the great work done by Fergus McCann in outing these b*****ds. Celtic simply cannot stay silent any longer now that we have Red Tops that have been the mouthpiece of the Celtic board breaking ranks and Celtic supporting SNP politicians speaking out it is time for the truth to come out. The whole truth no matter how painful it is for the club.
  5. Disclosure forms , i'm afraid, will not stop these people.
  6. Yeh Rangers fans are the bad guys here Rangers supporters actually paid off many of the clubs creditors through the RFFF. That was solely down to the clubs support doing what they believed to be the right and just thing. Dunfermline Athletic for example were paid in full for the ticket money that they did not receive from the club. The support paid that bill in full. To continue to deny what has been proven in court is stomach churning to be honest. It says everything about you and the rest of the Celtic posters on here that not one of you will criticise the club.
  7. Guilt has been proven in several courts of law. I don't blame the present Celtic board who inherited this but they could have handled it so much better. They could have been forced to handle it a whole lot better by our politicians in Scotland. Many in the media have simply turned a blind eye to this as they don't want to alienate the Celtic support. The Celtic support could have put pressure on the club but they have done the exact opposite and attack anybody and any organisation who dare mentions it. What happened at Celtic could have happened at any club. In fact with the ongoing nationwide investigations will probably show very few clubs were untouched by these evil b*****ds. I don't want to see Celtic Football Club as it is today in the dock for these historical accusations but i do want to see those who were complicit punished to the full extent of the law. Celtic Football Club could and should be offering to help the ongoing investigations and not denying any involvement.
  8. I m guessing the guilt has already been proven in a court of law!
  9. Yep. Cheque for the new season is in the post. I just hope it doesn't lost along with Bennets
  10. Do you live your life on the Internet where a certain football club is protected or do you actually venture out of your bedroom into the real World where even the compliant media outlets are struggling to keep a lid on things. £30 million might not be enough.
  11. So Celtic have the much talked £30 million in the bank. Will it be enough? I would seriously doubt it. TIC TOCK
  12. I have seen Rangers win more trophies than you ll ever see Celtic winning.
  13. He was at fault for both those goals and his England career was basically over. Maybe no the end but the beginning of the end. Hart was having a 'Mare
  14. Wee Romeo has got it bad Let it go Bigot Bhoy. It was a meaningless game ....... honest
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