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  1. The two Dundee clubs are going to body this league aren’t they? I have a lot of mates on both sides and I’m nervous as f**k but will be buzzing or happy for my mates either way. obviously I’ll be there as usual to slag off my dee mates but f**k me what is the point without the best derby in the land? long live the Dundee clubs x
  2. Faf. Good excuse to avoid bothering I suppose.
  3. You’re spending an inordinate amount of time on this while at the game. Or are you not there as per?
  4. Might want to check your tables. That one isn’t correct.
  5. Maybe you’ll finally break your duct of 46 years without a trophy? Unlucky though.
  6. Maths not your strong suit big man?
  7. One goal in 3 games against Inverness, Peterhead and Cove Rangers. Inspirational stuff.
  8. Inverness are absolutely brutal. Hardly surprising when they’ve signed Vincent and Keatings though.
  9. It’s painful to watch him knowing he has a decent chance of getting passed his man then battering to no one. This season he’s obviously realised he never beat the first man with his crosses last year so he’s now started blasting it has hard as possible at the goalie.
  10. Agree with most of that apart from McMullan. It’s pointless having a predatory striker like Shankland when you have winger that is totally incapable of getting a crowd to him, ever. This is the peak of McMullan’s level and no more.
  11. 2-1 Shrewsbury. Decent first half, not as good second half but it’s not a terrible result against a third tier English team.
  12. Just when I thought we might get a non-sky/ineos winner too.
  13. Agreed. Let’s go back to having a wall of silence from the previous regime. I preferred being kept in the dark 365 days a year.
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