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  1. Stewarton new manager

    I'm not saying they would go. Just heard that's who stewarton would like. Aye and colville would like mourinho
  2. Ayrshire Prem / 1st div winners and relegations

    Aye his eyes are wide open
  3. Ayrshire Prem / 1st div winners and relegations

    Fair play every village has an idiot but hole Ayrshire seems have an idiot
  4. Ayrshire Prem / 1st div winners and relegations

    Fuckin hell all over Ayrshire gave private helicopter or was ur eyes that wide open when u cry the tears run down back of your head u really are the jim delahunt of Ayrshire football actually respect ye Ayrshire football summed up 60 secs lol i was at new farm game also so my eyes are wide open lol joking aside mate new farm steam rolled them silly mistakes cost two goals they were hardly up park how that wee guy upfront never scored ten a will never know
  5. Stewarton new manager

    Lol hope ye pay national minimum wage with that speel
  6. Stewarton new manager

    Why would they leave all hard work they done at club there at to go to stewarton heard they can't cope with applications they had appoint an admin assistant
  7. Ayrshire Prem / 1st div winners and relegations

    Never smiled in my life!! Even my cat hates me
  8. Ayrshire Prem / 1st div winners and relegations

    But deep down your thinking u should have played him because he would be your most influential player but u just couldn't not play him specially after what go said on social network lol a told you I've won 2 Scottish cups in 3 years wouldn't hide that best achievement in football
  9. The Fallout

    No shit Sherlock u should work for cid
  10. The Fallout

    Well according to some people on here there's nobody been spoken to I smell a bit of badness lol
  11. The Fallout

    Not well enough they had this certain management team in mind and spoke to them behind mick Kennedy back! FACT
  12. The Fallout

    The new colville manAger is already sorted FACT comittee ain't at biggest am club Scotland for nothing wink
  13. The Fallout

    Didn't even read all that mick this mick that he goes we're the dough is tarmac sponsor DARVEL lol brutal comiteee wanted rid mick for while they can get another in spend money he has and least they do he has
  14. Ayrshire Prem / 1st div winners and relegations

    Did you used to Referee boys fitba few year ago? Can you travel pal get you training ek dynamo
  15. Ayrshire Prem / 1st div winners and relegations

    Fair play but bottled it when club need him no harm but heard u took that club from dung to good your not paying money like tarmac or colville but your coaching working hard im a bam on here cause I hate teams paying players but you've done it your way u give up then your a bottle merchant like a thaught (so what you care what haters think) ? That's a gaffer!! Or cause Mullen played infront the boys training all week ruffled feathers? Said this happen lol heard Mullen shite sat as well