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  1. Clach info

    Proper scrappy old school well fought result from Clach today. Would have settled for a point but to nick it at the end was magic. Hopefully a good summer ahead under new management and the club will be heading in the right direction.
  2. ICTFC 18/19

    Out of curiosity, what was your opinion on them?
  3. ICTFC 18/19

    I see the club have appointment a new Vice Chairman, Ross Morrison who has called for the community to rally around the club. I can't express how badly Inverness needs an injection of youth into their support who will make a noise and genuine atmosphere at games because at this moment its like the club is dying a slow death. Whatever the situation is/was for the young section they had before to be now banned I think they should reconsider what's happened because it seems they were the only group willing to make a sound, and we all know how beneficial it can be having support from the terraces. It's like the majority of fans are stuck in the dark ages and not willing to take on a younger group and deem them almost "cringe". I'd take them over people who sit on their hands for 90 minutes any day of the week.
  4. ICTFC 18/19

    Has the atmosphere at the TCS been as dead as it was yesterday for some time? Could not believe how quiet the north stand was yesterday, border like talk and you would get looked at sort of silence. What happened to the younger group of boys who looked to be creating some noise for a while?