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  1. Keena is bad for it aswell. Always goes down when hes going to challenge for a header.
  2. Come off it, we were a total embarrassment today. To say Ben Hall had a good game is scandalous he is a donkey
  3. That is the single most embarrasing defensive collapse ive ever seen. Pretty much like the performance on a whole. Sheerin is fucking clueless and should be on the next train back up to Pittodrie. On the only positive note good to see 2 competent footballers back in the team.
  4. Thought Krasniqi looked sharp when he came on. Dont know whats wrong with McDaid but he look absolutely rank even against Clydes mingin defenders.
  5. Get reports like that off my scouts on football manager
  6. Patience how much fucking patience? Another joke result and pish performance.
  7. 2 embarrassing misses in about 5 mins. Deary me.
  8. Danny Grainger looking a broken man in that interview. Were on for a hiding tomorrow barring a miracle. Embarrassing.
  9. I feel thats the nail in the coffin for me attending games until theres real change. Wasters from boardroom down to the players. I was naive in thinking things would change this season. Apologies to everyone who stuck by their guns and didnt give these spineless, gutless cowards a penny, I shouldve done the same.
  10. you do realise who we were playing? bottom of the league with 1 win to their name. 1 goal down and playing atrociously. if you seriously think as a paying supporter we cant show our frustration at that howling 45 minutes yesterday after 5 weeks on the trot of the same youre mistaken. also were part of the problem? f**k off, ridiculous thing to say considering the numbers we still turn up in after years of utter pish.
  11. probably because for 45 minutes yesterday our attempt to play out from the back was an absolute embarrassment. do i think we should be playing hoofball? absolutely not but that yesterday was an utter joke.
  12. In our many horrendous signings of recent years. Jaime Wilson probably takes the cake. Absolutely disgraceful to give him a 2 year deal never mind a contract at all.
  13. Funny if we let two strikers go to 2 teams in the league above and were stuck with Jaime Wilson.
  14. This would be the ideal but cant see Hetherington not playing.
  15. Must be a sore one to take if you’re Mackenzie Lemon. Brilliant away at Airdrie, MOTM. Then humped on to the bench then out of the squad completely.
  16. Will need to see it back but the ball looked like it rolled past Mutch for the first goal? Martin in next week.
  17. Up there with the worst subs ive seen. Miller is an absolute criminal excuse of a player and should have been hooked after mistiming a jump and making out as if he was pushed then leading to us conceding.
  18. Lowest point in my time supporting the club. No quality, barely any passion. Sheerin does a lot of motions and shouting but nothing happens? Pure and utter pish. Sad times and we are truly dying a slow painful death as a club.
  19. Ompreon ahead of Keena, Hetherington ahead of Krasniqi. Poor. Good to see Williamson back in the squad and Wilson not even in the squad though.
  20. Sheerin saying Morrison out long term. Happy with McDaid as a replacement.
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