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  1. Aye we only sign handsome b*****ds who are hopeless at football these days
  2. I’ve read it all now. Can’t wait for it to happen.
  3. One of the worst passers of a football I’ve laid eyes on.
  4. I would usually accept that they have just been signed but weve just been taught a lesson in how to play by Montrose today. Embarrassing and pathetic from the vast majority of the team.
  5. You’re on glue. The only thing I can say for him is hes young and raw. He was utter rotten and apart from 1 tackle so was Paul Watson, dont even get me started on Gary Miller, absolute wage thief. Midfield powderpuff. McGuffie trying to play football never mind wing back is a sight for sore eyes.
  6. Montrose are so much better than us, we’re finished.
  7. We must have the worst composure on and off the ball of any team in Scotland, its impressively embarrassing.
  8. Great signing, makes the midfield look a lot better.
  9. Disagree he was utter dug meat. Still get nightmares about when him and Edjenguele battered into each other against Morton and Telfer scored.
  10. Kabia must have called us a big club 3 or 4 times in that interview, think im in love
  11. Superb from Kabia but make no mistake about it we were absolutely rotten
  12. personally think they’re both not good enough but Mutch edges it
  13. Sheerin had him backup to Martin before he got injured
  14. with his bad knee? no chance. Ban the plastic pitches
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