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  1. Totally scunnered with the club. Unfortunately cant see how we improve anything going forward. Nose diving towards oblivion. Every player a disgrace to the jersey

    How have we appointed a manager so similar to the last in the way of total hopeless tactics and incompetence. Disgusting from the 1st to the last not an ounce of passion in the team. Total shitebags.

    Whole team bar maybe 3 or 4 are not even close to good enough. If Martin Rennie somehow gets given the chance to be in charge next season, the season ticket will be in the bin, a fucking clown of a manager.


  2. up there with the worst of the season, result shows no reflection on another disgusting performance. Not an ounce of desire or ability in the majority of those charlatans. Rennie has not got a clue what hes doing, taking off 1 of 2 players who had pass marks today. Shambolic but we’ve somehow scammed 3 points. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, SuperSaints1877 said:

    This individual has had multiple police investigations for racist songs and comments.



    How does that align with your club policy and your association with the “Show Racism the Red Card” campaign?



    And yet went on to play for Celtic and Scotland after those articles. Any uproar then?

  4. 16 minutes ago, Captain Saintsible said:

    Loving seeing you guys continue to struggle in League One.

    You lot are struggling to draw at home at Quuens Park while we beat Hibs at Easter Road

    What a gulf 

    Falkirk are a diddy club, always have been and always will be

    pointing and laughing at you 😂

    the complete knick that after a great win for your team, your thoughts are on the bairns. How can you let a league 1 team live in your head? 

  5. Ryan Williamson ran himself into the ground today. His best performance for us so far. Telfer was great but having him and McGuffie there just dosent work. Usual weekly defensive shambles for the QP goal and looked shaky a few times 2nd half. Definite improvement all over the park though and Mutch confirmed he should be #1

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