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  1. Rennie said never say never. Its a no brainer if hes in good knick and we cant find a competent striker.
  2. Alloa fans trying to tell us Stevie Hetheringtons any good has been a highlight of the season.
  3. What a job Rennie has on his hands. Miracle worker if he turns this group of useless shitebags into anything half decent. Time will tell but that was another utter disgrace today. No excuse to get paid as a pro football player and get embarrassed like that by part timers.
  4. As is the case for literally every appointment ever made.
  5. Folk disappointed we didn’t appoint Rice need to give their head a shake.
  6. A lot less of a gamble than Chipper imo. Seemingly decent pedigree going off the story on the website. Welcome Martin.
  7. Pretty sure the person has learning difficulties mate.
  8. Dont think anyone can. What isn't being realised by some is its a football forum. Think we can be spared speculating/hoping Jack Ross is our next manager.
  9. just a question mate calm doon The fact you think Jack Ross would be a poor appointment is enough actually, don’t even answer the question.
  10. Enlighten me if you will on who would be your choice?
  11. Would have to agree. Players like Jakubiak and Andy Nelson pish on the strikers we have atm.
  12. Remember Petras goal against qots when he sent Scott Mercer for a pie. Pler.
  13. Mind when folk wanted a contract extension for Sheerin in August to keep other clubs away. f**k me
  14. Keena is bad for it aswell. Always goes down when hes going to challenge for a header.
  15. Come off it, we were a total embarrassment today. To say Ben Hall had a good game is scandalous he is a donkey
  16. That is the single most embarrasing defensive collapse ive ever seen. Pretty much like the performance on a whole. Sheerin is fucking clueless and should be on the next train back up to Pittodrie. On the only positive note good to see 2 competent footballers back in the team.
  17. Thought Krasniqi looked sharp when he came on. Dont know whats wrong with McDaid but he look absolutely rank even against Clydes mingin defenders.
  18. Get reports like that off my scouts on football manager
  19. Patience how much fucking patience? Another joke result and pish performance.
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