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  1. I actually agree with the 352 as compared to last season i think we have the competence at the back and in midfield to do it well.
  2. Would be very disappointed if McCann was to be let go. Offers something going forward that we don’t have, always causes problems down the left.
  3. Highly doubt it. Both would be excellent additions though but just people looking at out of contract players who are most likely out of our reach
  4. Spy on the Falkirk Pie and Bovril forum. Read it all now.
  5. I actually think the strongest part of Oliver’s game has been holding the ball up. Shame the players hes been linking the play with have been utter dug meat
  6. Wouldn’t be Falkirk without signing an English striker with 0 professional goals
  7. We are absolutely well and truly chronic going forward. Definitely need 2 starters to come in.
  8. McAllisters legs must have gone over the summer considering he bagged 19 last season
  9. totally agree, the guys decision making and weight of pass is so poor
  10. This second half will be torture no height in the team what so ever
  11. Think Partick fans didn’t rate him very highly. Have to give the boy a chance though
  12. Steven Hetherington. Take a bow my son. On that note Finn Yeats, Brad McKay, Leon McCann, Sean Mackie and PJ Morrison are conceding 0 goals this season.
  13. that bench is nightmare material. need 3 attackers imo
  14. Fair play to Brad McKay btw for all he was absolutely dire last season I think he’s been very solid so far in the 3 games i’ve seen him. This will absolutely come back to bite me shortly.
  15. Any of our past 4 managers would have said that was a decent display. Glad McGlynn said it how it is, that was unacceptable
  16. You would almost think certain posters are far up the boards arse? Oh wait Bantabairn 2.0
  17. We are winning absolutely nothing with that front 4. At a maximum 2 of them should start come the start of the league season.
  18. I dont disagree but I cant see Kyle being a huge benefit to the team right now, has the same feel to it as Finlay Malcolm. Would be very happy to be proved wrong though.
  19. I wouldn’t say we’re in a position at the moment to be handing anyone peanuts when we need to scrape everything we can to strengthen the starting 11
  20. Williamson cant do the basics of defending so unless McGlynn has taught him from scratch how to defend its unlikely. Also as much as he gallops down the right for a while his end product is poor and he’s blowing out his arse by 60 minutes
  21. Nothing surprising from that interview. Looks like whoever the striker is will be another loan player. Hopefully another Rudden or McManus. Also dosent really seem like any players will be leaving as were clearly struggling to bring players in as it is.
  22. Lightweight and was nowhere near ready ability wise before he got a terrible injury. Not sure how he’s progressed since
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