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  1. Won championship player of the month playing for Arbroath after being treated like a joke by us, really not something to be complaining about.
  2. Nope absolutely, completely and utterly pish yet still better than Ompreon and Wilson.
  3. Akeel Francis joins Stirling Albion. Remembered fondly for his tremendous chip against Montrose.
  4. Seems to be liking loads of Falkirk related posts on twitter, not even about himself. Hopefully sees how much hes wanted to stay by supporters and stays on with us.
  5. Well its the only communication from the club regarding it so thought I should share.
  6. Spoke with Jamie Swinney pre match. Said when he spoke to Rennie yesterday there was no mention of Goodwillie.
  7. Inject the Anton Dowds masterclass into my veins. Gary Holt, get it so far up you.
  8. Agree. Unbelievably that bunch would probably pump our current pile of dross.
  9. Beggars belief. Guy looked so far out his depth with us but Crawley fans seem disappointed to see the back of him. Same goes for Patrick Brough whos doing well at Barrow I think.
  10. I genuinely do believe it was just the wrong words at the wrong time.
  11. Starting to think this tbh. More ive thought about it the more I cant see it happening.
  12. A quick scroll and to be honest looks like a fair mix. Men, women, old, young on both sides. Interesting.
  13. Poll on the fabled COYB facebook page shows 67% of 220 (currently) want to sign Goodwillie.
  14. The club didnt help themselves with that sentence. Great statement otherwise and hopefully it was just poor wording.
  15. I actually thought the one thing that would pull everyone in the same direction would be not signing a rapist. Its not “a little disagreement” its signing someone so against the majority of fans wishes and values that it would rip the arse out of the credibility that the board are trying to establish with the fans.
  16. As I said, I wont be supporting the club if we sign him therefore my money wont be going to anything Falkirk related.
  17. I would simply have no interest in the club to warrant having a say in it.
  18. I know you might not have alot of say in the matter but my money would be right out of FSS if we signed him @StuartA
  19. Goodwillie linked to us in the s*n. Pinch of salt with those rats but still, dont even fucking bother Falkirk.
  20. Compared a rapist to a shite sporting director (or whatever his job title is). Deary me.
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