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  1. You also said Rice was the next manager when Rennie left, give us peace.
  2. some pish getting spouted today, never change Falkirk fans.
  3. Thank f**k for that. What an absolute shambles from start to finish that season was. Cracking strike by Morrison btw.
  4. The one from Webster in the game away to Montrose was top class.
  5. With the 6-0 disgrace aside. There is maybe 1 defeat we’ve had all season that we could walk out of saying we possibly deserved something from (1-0 loss to Queens at TFS) which is quite frankly disgusting, the rest we were absolutely diabolical in, including some of our wins.
  6. Paul Dixon surely hangs the boots up at the end of the season. At fault for both goals and was overall absolutely chronic like the rest of the imposters.
  7. obviously but sums up how scunnered the fans are when we've stopped actually booing other teams goals and turned to sarcastic cheering.
  8. Round of applause for Conor Sammon after his goal totally sums up the season.
  9. Will be absolutely shocked if we sign a capable replacement
  10. He’s probably the only player thats improved as the seasons went on. Unwatchable the first few months but there’s been a few games where he’s been our only good player and then gets subbed, Rennie seems to have a fetish for subbing the players who are actually doing not pish.
  11. Wasn’t treated particularly well by the fans either. Only brought back with wide open arms to the club because of how well he done at Arbroath under the tutelage of a real manager. Would highly doubt he’d have wanted back here in a hurry.
  12. I’d be absolutely shocked if we get Dowds to commit to us with the way he was treated by the previous board/manager. Would love to see it though as he’s our best player.
  13. Great news. Let’s actually get a fucking grip and appoint the right man.
  14. It’s actually frightening that McKinnons League 1 recruitment is the best we’ve had in the 3 seasons we’ve been in the league.
  15. It would be morally wrong to continue our suffering by keeping Rennie in charge but away from that you’re probably not far wrong.
  16. Surely if the FSS can make a poll on whether to sign a rapist or not, they can make one on whether Rennie should be kept on or not?
  17. Never forget Shayne Lavery barely kicked a ball for us and went and tore it up in Northern Ireland, scored 8 in the English Championship this season.
  18. We’ll try and only lose by 2 or 3 but even thats asking a bit much.
  19. You will never again see a team so full of absolute pussies. The biggest one is the absolute tool coaching them every week. Another disgusting performance from these rats pretending to be professional footballers.
  20. I believe we would have been in the same position regardless if it was Sheerin or Rennie. Sheerin was still getting results against the worst sides in the division as is Rennie. Rennie has had maybe one significant result, the win away to a downbeat Alloa, apart from that? Almost identical to Sheerin, if not worse.
  21. Scott Brown is better than all of our midfielders combined.
  22. if thats the case then we need to know that something because if were going off the evidence presented on the football pitch there is no reason whatsoever he should be kept on.
  23. theres been a lot of bad ones but that is up there with the most disgraceful halfs of football ever played by us. No desire, no ability, rank rotten tactics. Rennie out.
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