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  1. How can anyone have a go at the BtB guys? If anyone has the club at heart it's them. 
    The plug needs to be pulled on this shambles instantly. It is laughable to me that anyone could think this is a good idea.

    So leaking the info to the sun of all rags is a good idea? Definitely should have kept it within the club. Good to bring up these concerns but not on social media or to the worst paper going.
  2. What are people expecting, someone asked?
    Link me to his coffee company's website
    Name the 'hotel chain' he bought and sold at a profit 
    Explain why a divorce would mean he has little to no record online
    If his end game is to build a hotel, buy and sell land around the stadium or build out space within the stadium which can be rented out, explain why he wanted to buy Sunderland, which is a complete shit tip with no tourist attractions whatsoever
    Give some reasoning for why his main company website was made on the same day he made his pitch to the board, contains a generic picture and a blank contact form with nothing else on it whatsoever, and give me detail on why it was made using Squarespace, a build your own website style thing which is advertised on every podcast going
    The whole thing seems ludicrous to me. 

    May aswell try and get an answer from him on Twitter. No point spouting here where no one will really pay attention.
  3. Watch McKinnon's interview and his answer about a small squad. Ooft. Something is off here.

    100% he knows it’s nowhere near enough, no manager in world football would be happy going into the season with 17 players. Don’t know what it comes down to but going off his answer he’s a little bit fuming.
  4. If we only have 2 outfield subs vs Berwick, this close to the start of the season, that’s appalling management.
    Also shows the lack of cohesion between manager and board.

    Not really management, I highly doubt RMcK wants to run a squad of 18, it’ll be due to finances at the end of the day.
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