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  1. Actually thought Durnan was okay, a few decent balls from the back, certainly wasn’t a bombscare.
  2. Hilarious when he came on in the 1st away game to Dunfermline last season and his first action was completely mistiming a bounce and nearly setting them away. Guy was a bombscare.
  3. Couldn’t make it, just how good was Mo Gomis strike?
  4. GeordieBairn

    FIFA 20

    Really poor game imo. Passing especially is shocking. Player switching is rarely the correct player. Hopefully a big patch or this is looking grim.
  5. He’s nowhere near as bad as some people make out on here.
  6. Every time I see our lineups I haven’t a clue what our formation is
  7. Had to have been a pisstake, won’t accept that he was serious.
  8. Don’t remind me, those messages were some a the cringiest things av ever seen.
  9. He’ll be in BTG at 1 for everyone to go in and sook him up
  10. Seems to be a habit that a player that looked dross here goes on to play well.
  11. We’ve seen the quality against Dumbarton. For some reason that’s been it. These players should undoubtedly be enough to take us up. We pack the middle of the pitch and have no width meaning we can’t show any effective pace. For me McKinnon just has to go with no buts. He’s so unbelievably one dimensional and it shows how fed up everyone is with him just reading this thread.
  12. I was under no illusions about the good sides down here but to not have an away goal in 4 games 2 of them newly promoted teams is nothing short of a disgrace with some of the quality we have.
  13. With the exception of Dumbarton that’s been pretty much it so far. The man is so tactically inept its crazy he’s lasted this long.
  14. Couldn’t make it but yet again not heard a single positive following the game. Only one for me is surely McKinnon out is only a matter of time.
  15. Dosent change the fact it’s going to be difficult when majority of players for us have hardly kicked a baw.
  16. Raith only making 3 changes, one being the keeper. Going to be very difficult game
  17. Campbell saying he’s in town next week to push it over the line.
  18. At the very least he’s not an English academy diddy.
  19. Any ideas on the guy in between Buchanan and Durnan?
  20. Considering he’s been absolutely rank rotten, no really.
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