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  1. Come in here with a post about how bad MC is everyday but have never given any detail in the slightest. Away ye go.
  2. DM’ed MC on twitter regarding if he knew about the concerns, says he dosent know what the concerns are so it would be unfair to comment.
  3. We were just starting to talk about the actual fitbaw again aswell
  4. Clearly someone at the club leaking it to the sun, Kenny said it wasn’t them. Apologies guys xx
  5. So leaking the info to the sun of all rags is a good idea? Definitely should have kept it within the club. Good to bring up these concerns but not on social media or to the worst paper going.
  6. Surely the btb boys didn’t leak the info to the Sun. Shambles.
  7. Don’t get why they’ve issued a statement without elaborating, seems like sour grapes that they didn’t just leave it to the club for due diligence and trying to put pressure on Campbell by putting the fans on his back.
  8. Nah, talking about how our prospective owner is a conman and is going to bankrupt and liquidate the club is better.
  9. All these questions flying around but nobody wants to ask the man himself, he’s clearly open to conversation on Twitter so jump on there dm him and hopefully get a response. Why call him this and that when you don’t have a scooby doo.
  10. Yeah poor word choice from me but that’s what I mean.
  11. May aswell try and get an answer from him on Twitter. No point spouting here where no one will really pay attention.
  12. So these meetings on Monday are 100% real which is good news, should provide good insight into our man and his plans.
  13. Retweeted by the twitter page so must be the man himself.
  14. Seems like our man anyway. Going off his previous tweets he’s a football man, time will tell.
  15. Didn’t expect Mark Campbell to be the one whatsoever. Not going to get overly dramatic about the fan ownership not being the preferred bidder but Kenny and David did a great job in getting the fans on board and deserve massive credit.
  16. 100% he knows it’s nowhere near enough, no manager in world football would be happy going into the season with 17 players. Don’t know what it comes down to but going off his answer he’s a little bit fuming.
  17. Not really management, I highly doubt RMcK wants to run a squad of 18, it’ll be due to finances at the end of the day.
  18. Thought I seen someone say you could play trialists in League 1, if that counts for anything and a player is that desperate for a game.
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