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  1. Michael McKenna joins in a swap deal for Blair Sneddon i’m hearing
  2. Would be a big upgrade on our current options
  3. Both the Quitongo brothers racially abused in one season? Airdrie hitting new lows.
  4. The quality was utter pish. We just happen to be a lot worse than that.
  5. So we’re going to bring out Craig Sibbald at the fans meeting on the 2nd? Love that
  6. Same guy also said Benedictus predictably linked. Another guy also said Easton, McCabe and Leon King. All 3 most likely never going to happen.
  7. Bowing to the bairns, normal service resumed
  8. We are absolutely gargantuan compared to Airdrie even in our current state. Hope this helps
  9. Wonder what the ST figures will look like next season, already seen a few say McGlynns appointment will make them renew having decided not to. Think the recruitment will be a big factor for some people though.
  10. Absolutely and the quicker it is replaced the better but it is quite hilarious that a bunch of utter shitebags have used the pitch as an excuse as to their dire performances.
  11. Absolute woeful excuse about the pitch, every other team who don’t train and play on it every week seem to be able to cope and play us off the park.
  12. Well done for predicting a soon to be out of contract player will leave the club
  13. Teller the only one I’d have kept, the rest? Good riddance you were absolutely rank rotten.
  14. You also said Rice was the next manager when Rennie left, give us peace.
  15. some pish getting spouted today, never change Falkirk fans.
  16. Thank f**k for that. What an absolute shambles from start to finish that season was. Cracking strike by Morrison btw.
  17. The one from Webster in the game away to Montrose was top class.
  18. With the 6-0 disgrace aside. There is maybe 1 defeat we’ve had all season that we could walk out of saying we possibly deserved something from (1-0 loss to Queens at TFS) which is quite frankly disgusting, the rest we were absolutely diabolical in, including some of our wins.
  19. Paul Dixon surely hangs the boots up at the end of the season. At fault for both goals and was overall absolutely chronic like the rest of the imposters.
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