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  1. Keena is bad for it aswell. Always goes down when hes going to challenge for a header.
  2. Come off it, we were a total embarrassment today. To say Ben Hall had a good game is scandalous he is a donkey
  3. That is the single most embarrasing defensive collapse ive ever seen. Pretty much like the performance on a whole. Sheerin is fucking clueless and should be on the next train back up to Pittodrie. On the only positive note good to see 2 competent footballers back in the team.
  4. Thought Krasniqi looked sharp when he came on. Dont know whats wrong with McDaid but he look absolutely rank even against Clydes mingin defenders.
  5. Get reports like that off my scouts on football manager
  6. Patience how much fucking patience? Another joke result and pish performance.
  7. 2 embarrassing misses in about 5 mins. Deary me.
  8. Danny Grainger looking a broken man in that interview. Were on for a hiding tomorrow barring a miracle. Embarrassing.
  9. I feel thats the nail in the coffin for me attending games until theres real change. Wasters from boardroom down to the players. I was naive in thinking things would change this season. Apologies to everyone who stuck by their guns and didnt give these spineless, gutless cowards a penny, I shouldve done the same.
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