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  1. Aidan Nesbitts hairdresser said he potentially may be ditching the man bun in favour of pig tails. More to follow
  2. Luke Holt, hung up the gloves and is the new sporting director.
  3. unfortunately not, hearing Leon McCann cant touch the crossbar so has been released by the club.
  4. same source that told me john mcglynn will infact be scouting the juniors
  5. Sources telling me Yogi Hughes has today left Dunfermline.
  6. Michael McKenna joins in a swap deal for Blair Sneddon i’m hearing
  7. Would be a big upgrade on our current options
  8. Both the Quitongo brothers racially abused in one season? Airdrie hitting new lows.
  9. The quality was utter pish. We just happen to be a lot worse than that.
  10. So we’re going to bring out Craig Sibbald at the fans meeting on the 2nd? Love that
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