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  1. It amazes me how Nesbitt seems to be untouchable. Nearly every game below par and rarely gets subbed. One positive is Lawal and Burrell were both good when they came on, that will all count for nothing if they are kept out of the 11 again next week. Quicker PJ Morrison is back the better and might be controversial but Mackie needs dropped, find it incredible that left back is his natural position when he has no attacking qualities
  2. That was a total embarrassment. Woeful team selection. Let’s change a winning team for no reason whatsoever. Fucking dire
  3. that was like a replay of last season there. truly pish
  4. Think the only chance we’ve got is a loan with the parent team paying the full salary as McGlynn said the budget is gone
  5. Doubt it. Hes started every game bar the first of the season
  6. Thats an unbelievable backing for a Tuesday night. What a club
  7. McCann has some leap for a wee guy. Won a good few headers yesterday. Been superb every game hes played this season.
  8. Please show me the picture of Ola Lawal’s darts celebration. I need that in my life
  9. Couldn’t write it. The 1 of the 3 who had any decent moments last week
  10. Him in the second half was everything that went wrong for us. Not sure if it was down to a lack of dig or ability. Probably a good mix of both
  11. Really disagree with the Airdrie shout. Was the worst player on the park imo. The amount of time he was left chasing shadows was a joke. Absolute passenger
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