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  1. Cuckoo. Whatley does a fantastic selfless job in there week in week out as does Goldie. As for Donnelly *%*@
  2. And still the arrogance oozes from the Bankrupt big boys. So sad.
  3. Absolute joke. Clearly this BIG club cant afford decent ground staff either.
  4. So just to sum things up. A wee diddy part time team from up the road playing a giant full time team from the drug capital of Europe. Should really be no contest. Time will tell thou. 🇱🇻
  5. Get a grip jeezo. 2.0 up why would u bring a forward on.
  6. This is madness. That's the rain on now as well. Forecast for rain to get worse and wind to stay much the same. Should be called off NOW!!!
  7. Can't believe the lad MacKinnon is a full time player ie foorball is his job trains 4or5 days a week ??. What a state he is in. Has he always been that shape or did he have a good festive period.
  8. Only started 7 games last season. He will be fine if he plays regularly.
  9. Just said on STV news match preview "new signing Hilson" is cup tied
  10. Fully fit or not one thing you will get from Stevie is a full 100% shift every time Don't worry he will do forfar a good turn. All the best Stevie.
  11. Not many mentions of Brian Kerr in people's teams of the decade. He did a great job as holding midfielder in the sheerin teams (when everyone else was flying forward) before he got a bad injury. Great player.
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