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  1. Nick McAllister sent on loan to Albion rovers from st mirren
  2. seen Andy king has been sent back to Leicester, there’s another one to add
  3. Can’t seem to get on to the killie site either, have they been hacked ? Seen the record and other smsm reporting though...
  4. 1 point is all it takes to win the premier league 1986 hearts f*cked it, hearts f*cked it 😂😂
  5. This forum is brutal, people trying to promote the game and everyone’s just shooting them down🤣
  6. If you’re an Aberdeen fan reading this you must be thinking what on earth it going on here 😂😂 im struggling myself.
  7. Fair enough, I just always feel like people deserve a chance if the manager feels that way. Seen worse players linked with us, and not this much seethe as I’ve seen on forums recently. Anyways we can’t afford him, were going bust and Oran Kearney shagged gordon Scott’s sister👀😂
  8. I’ve seen a lot of people especially your good self seem to be really against this? Like as if there’s a personal issue there. I might be a bit biased but if the manager thinks he’s worth a deal, who are we to question it. I personally think championship level player but I don’t pick the team!
  9. I know people in his family and you are talking nonsense, he was offered something, he mulled on it, the offer was withdrawn. end of story. stop talking absolute mince.
  10. The lack of transfer activity these past few days is giving me the fear
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