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  1. The main problem is the team is based around players like Forrest, McGregor, McGinn and Burke who are bang average at best while pieces of genuine quality like Snodgrass, Cairney and Ritchie can't even make the squad.
  2. Rubbish. We had an excellent grass surface when we were in the premier league and I don't recall us having big TV money then.
  3. Kidd will be at RB with McGhee moving in one IMO. McKinnon is basing the side on defensive solidity, which Robson can't provide in a back 4.
  4. No it isn't. We can sign free agents until the end of March.
  5. Quite happy with Todorov. At least he has that bit of experience. The fact Harrison has signed for spennymoor town tells you all you need to know about his ability. Good riddance.
  6. I don't know but he said last week that he'd agreed terms with a premier league striker who then turned us down. There could have been a similar situation with others.
  7. I'd like to think he's been watched throughout the transfer window as a back up option in case our original targets didn't sign.
  8. I think it's quite obvious Jarvis is a bit of a panic singing since Ray's original targets have turned us down. I'd like to think we could have at least got someone with more experience in though.
  9. Were you expecting Lewandowski FFS! I'd have liked a striker who at least has experience of scoring goals in a professional league tbh.
  10. Have to say I'm not ecstatic about this striker singing. I'd have liked far better quality in that position.
  11. Can't imagine us having any issues paying £40k.
  12. Petravicius is absolutely average at best and I'll be disappointed if he's anything more than an impact sub.
  13. If Hippo signs I think Mackinnon would want to go with this Burgoyne Kidd/McGhee McKenna Edge Dixon Waddington McShane Osman Hippo Rudden New ST We'd also have loads of options off the bench like MacLean, DKD and Petravicius
  14. I'd hope Hippo would be in addition to a striker. We're not bursting with options at left wing.
  15. He's not a world beater but better than all of our attacking options at the moment.
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