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  1. What type of forward is Connor Shield's and do you guys think he can step up to the premiership?
  2. Is it not about you boys taking over the St Johns link up?
  3. How long will it take for that bore Random to show up with his stats?
  4. How the hell can our anti football team be only 5 points behind the media darling that are hibs?
  5. Very impressed with Mochrie. He has played well in all three of our games so far. I can't believe he is 17. Mature on the ball and although he looks slight he doesn't get shrugged off the ball as maybe expected. Hopefully he continues the good form. Cheers, he's a talented boy
  6. Were Florent Hoti and Chris Mochrie playing in this game guys? If so, any good?
  7. Can we take all talk of Charlie Adam's wage, who pays what, where he's haunting hooses tomorrow and which dentists he's banned from away from this board and talk about utds money problems please. Thanks
  8. No, because the celtic v the rangers game is the best/biggest in the world
  9. He isn't out of contract next summer, he has a year to go after that
  10. I'm gonna go for another 2 signings tomorrow but both will have to self isolate for 14 days
  11. Chalmers will be away with scotland u'21s and Fuchs hasn't signed and won't be available for at least 2 weeks if he does sign
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