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  1. Yeah but against a Welsh team in a diddy competition on a Friday night with it being on some Welsh tv channel
  2. I've seen all 3 of our home u18 games so far this season. Although a good prospect he's not ready to be considered for the 1st team yet imo
  3. If we get through this tie tomorrow (I know, massive ask) do we play the next round 1st league next Thursday at home or away?
  4. Strongest team available please. We're only 3 games into the season and everyone should be fresh and buzzing after Thursday. We always seem to get a real tough time from livi too and im not expecting anything different today
  5. Very direct and creative player who can travel with the ball and take men on. Should be a stand out in league 1 imo
  6. Was told at the Northampton bounce game from a backroom staff member that Ross isn't and hasn't been interested in signing Gogic
  7. Anyone know if there's any friendlies in St Andrews this week?
  8. sorry,first time I've seen it reported by papers. No need to be sorry. Derby have also been mentioned
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