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  1. Scenes when next season's fixtures come out and we get Alloa away 1st on a friday night live on bbc scotland
  2. Wasnt meant to be a dig, dont mind you guys. Would like to see you boys come up via the playoffs
  3. I agree that we were strangely poor vocally yesterday but didnt hear much of the excellent atmosphere from you boys you talk about either.
  4. Very poor performance from utd yet again and Dunfermline by far the better team. Though the number 23 was excellent. Famous steak birdie was stone cold. What's happened to the dunfermline support? Shocking turn out, although seemingly 6200 there
  5. Steak birdies are quality, but dont get an irn bru. Poured into a cup from a 2 litre bottle that was warm. Tbf to the woman behind the counter she told me not to buy it as it was disgusting. Wasnt even barrs, never again
  6. It's been a journey right enough mate, just less magical
  7. I hope we get to win a match to clinch the title rather than winning it due to a 2nd place team (ict, ayr or arbroath) dropping points.
  8. To be fair he also fooled me and I was behind the other goal. He's done that sort of thing numerous times this season, great composure
  9. Good luck to the smokies today. Would be brilliant if you guys clinch 2nd this season
  10. Can we knock this pish on the head guys, its boring as. Anyone know how the trialist played yesterday in the reserve game?
  11. Benji smith watson connolly/reynolds robson butcher harkes mcmullen glass appere shankland Subs dennis connolly/reynolds sporle powers mochrie pawlett bingham
  12. We'll be fine for midfield depth, King is probably 6th choice for centre mid now at best
  13. I agree with this. Same with Ciftci's goal scoring record before he joined us. Good luck Rakish
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