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  1. Would have taken 12/15 at the start of the season. Poor result today but we go again next week. No utd fan thinks this season will be a breeze despite what fans of other teams say.
  2. Do you mean the score or the fact Shankland only got 1? Expected to win but no score 6. Thought we would have played better though
  3. Didn't agree with the goodwillie chant and thankfully we've not heard that one for years
  4. That's just disgusting thinking like that Ludo. Leave that to the old firm fans please
  5. Hopefully theres gonna be a few songs dedicated to agent Jimmy Mac tonight
  6. Tbf to Mcmullen he has turned up this season with 4 assists so far. Smith and Mcmullen are perfect for our right side
  7. Shankland is getting all the plaudits for us so far and rightly so but Liam Smith has been quality too. 1st time we've had a proper right back since we've been relegated.
  8. I'd say he rates him more than Frans though. Does Adam King not play the Butcher role?
  9. Any more movement in the transfer market before the window closes? I'm expecting Aird out Frear in, any others? Frans out maybe?
  10. Was the left back no4 the boy Martin you were all raving about during the week? He was terrible today I thought
  11. Any plans for more signings after Frear? Any closer to getting the young players on extended contracts?
  12. The goalie was made a scapegoat that day. How the defence never got much stick was really strange. One of the worst defensive performances I've ever seen
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