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  1. I agree, this should be a very good league next season, A few sides in there will be pushing for the league title and promotion spots
  2. Broxburn doing some big business this season, a few big characters and personalities in there with great ability.
  3. Good to see a bit of history re-instated here with this one, any other changes happening there or just the clubs name? i.e - Players / management / committee etc? I think they finished rock bottom of their league, may need more than just a change in the clubs name to succeed going forward.
  4. Did Tynecastle FC once play here? what is their situation with meggetland?
  5. Having followed Berwick the season JH was in charge, i can tell you right now that it doesn't matter how good your playing squad is, if they don't respect the manager then you'll soon find yourself in an extremely difficult position. Now, to be honest, i am not in the know enough to say that this is whats happened at Camelon, but there are an awful lot of similarities. once the dressing room has been lost, Its not an easy thing to regain.
  6. EOS website says Wendesday the 30th of March, 7:30pm kick off. Should be a good one that.
  7. H.O.B have really kicked on, great result for them tonight. What a cracking end to the season we are going to have.
  8. Just wondering if anyone on here can clear up if there is any truth in the 2x recent Tranent rumours doing the rounds. 1 - Mr MPACT has walked away? 2 - Callum Elliott poised to take the Edinburgh City job?
  9. 100% agree, i've seen Spenny play a few times this season and he is still top class, question will be if he is happy hanging around at IHS or does he want to have another crack at it higher up again.
  10. I do think that Dumbarton will prove to be too big an opponent for Sauchie as they sit 7th in league 1 and Sauchie bottom half in the EOS prem. Edinburgh City and Stirling both sit on 21 points (joint 3rd) in League 2, i think these games will be closer than the Dumbarton vs Sauchie one, Everyone loves an underdog and my money this weekend is on Tranent to cause an upset.
  11. STOP THE BUS ....... I too like the after match managers interviews, I never once said in general that they were a bad thing. For example at Bonnyrigg, Robbie Horne speaks very well and is engaging when he does the ones for the Rose, if i was a supporter of the rose then thats exactly what i would want after the game from the gaffer. I actually listen to a lot of the local radio shows too where numerous teams management participate and its a great thing to get their input. The point i was making (that is going off topic a bit now) was that I just personally think that the ego driven way that Mr Harvey presents himself in these are hilarious, he will never change and i'm not surprised in the slightest to see that having his new club Camelon start these interviews back up were so near the top of his agenda. i was in the crowd the day that Gary Bolan told Johnny harvey to go and take his face for a shite and there was never a more accurate shout came from that dugout since. #slaver
  12. No not a Camelon fan, I have nothing against Johnny, I just (like a lot others I will add) have a good laugh at his after match ego boosting interviews that he insists on doing at every club he represents. Personally, I don’t think they help him or his team in anyway.
  13. Good to have the Johnny Harvey show back on our screens, he loves a wee after game interview. He seems to implement them everywhere he goes, i don't think its a bad thing but he does love the sound of his own voice i also think that after interviews like above he clearly doesn't give two cocktail sticks about loosing the dressing room, pick the next bus to Falkirk high street lads, you're getting chucked right under it.
  14. A real shame to see what was such a great club struggling. I think it is going to be an extremely long season ahead for the vale.
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