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  1. 10 minutes ago, Dalziel8 said:

    Yeah pretty much. No point buying new ones when there’s thousands of spare ones that are never used. It looks horrible though. I’ve always thought that teams should be charged for any damaged carried out by its fans in a bid to stop that kind of thing happening.

    Should return in the Championship though surely as Partick and Dunfermline carry a large away support. Wonder if they drew Rangers or Celtic in the cup if there would be a rush to put the seats back. 

  2. Played Premiership and Championship opposition and beat a team in league one narrowly. Shows the clubs level not quite a good Championship team and too small a squad. 

    Unless he gets off to a great start I think a change of manager is required. He will probably think the playoffs is a good enough result this season. 

  3. 11 minutes ago, falkirkzombie said:

    Bobby Linn required IMO

    Should be able to attract part time players rather than a tiny club heading back to League one. What’s the point in going down to league one if you won’t sign a few players proven at that level. Too many Championship egos won’t win the league we seen players who thought they were better than they were last two seasons. 

    Even Rangers signed a few in there stint in the lower leagues. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Bairnardo said:
    3 minutes ago, Falkirkfan6871 said:
    What’s the source?

    Cant say on here m9. All I can say is that the person who told me, their name rhymes with schmick tampbell

    Yes just I seen his comment on Twitter about looking forward to a trip to Dens next season but I guess we can probably pay more than arbroath. I’m also guessing with the rumours on here could be more than 1 striker being signed. Surely Cammy bell will be announced tomorrow?

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