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  1. I wonder if Hamilton and Killie fancy last seasons ditched 14 team division idea they were too quick to relegate Hearts.
  2. Perhaps Kille will need a new manager next? Shame we couldn’t do that in the second leg a few years back. Credit to Dundee.
  3. Good to see the seats have returned to the north stand. Someone said they couldn’t get the blue seats again seems that wasn’t true. Hope they got rid of the bird mess at the same time?
  4. Should return in the Championship though surely as Partick and Dunfermline carry a large away support. Wonder if they drew Rangers or Celtic in the cup if there would be a rush to put the seats back.
  5. If the manager stays it’s game over we won’t win this league.
  6. What’s with the rows of missing seats? Same issue at Falkirk and Clyde has tons of broken seats. Is it due to lack of cash in League one?
  7. Shocked to see in photos the amount of broken seats at Broadwood stadium. Reminds me of TFS now with missing seats in the North stand. A reality check of life in league one a new owner can’t come quick enough.
  8. Anybody know why 4 rows of seats are missing from the North stand?
  9. Also signs a forward who isn’t fit. Give me Bobby Linn or Rudden all day long atleast they know how to get goals.
  10. Played Premiership and Championship opposition and beat a team in league one narrowly. Shows the clubs level not quite a good Championship team and too small a squad. Unless he gets off to a great start I think a change of manager is required. He will probably think the playoffs is a good enough result this season.
  11. Looking at the video online what’s happened to the seats in the away stand bottom row is work getting done?
  12. Buying somebody like Rory McAllister would work shame he won’t favour the move.
  13. Should be able to attract part time players rather than a tiny club heading back to League one. What’s the point in going down to league one if you won’t sign a few players proven at that level. Too many Championship egos won’t win the league we seen players who thought they were better than they were last two seasons. Even Rangers signed a few in there stint in the lower leagues.
  14. No quite but could get a few important goals. Unless they have a plan to get Rudden back they need someone proven.
  15. Denny Johnstone what a joke we need someone who is a prolific goal scorer not someone who can’t get a game for Morton. Hippolyte, Kenny Miller and another winger need signed.
  16. It’s no happening according to his Twitter so nice joke.
  17. Falkirk 1st Raith 2nd Clyde 3rd Airdrie 4th Not sure about the rest but it will be between Falkirk and Raith for title hopefully Falkirk can win it by Xmas.
  18. Makes sense to buy up a few players who have played at League one level to mix it in with players who will be around in two seasons.
  19. Bonny linn to Falkirk any truth in this rumour on Falkirk topic?
  20. Cant say on here m9. All I can say is that the person who told me, their name rhymes with schmick tampbell Yes just I seen his comment on Twitter about looking forward to a trip to Dens next season but I guess we can probably pay more than arbroath. I’m also guessing with the rumours on here could be more than 1 striker being signed. Surely Cammy bell will be announced tomorrow?
  21. Bobby Linn getting announced tomorrow. What’s the source?
  22. All quiet on the Cammy bell rumour and Bobby Linn? I would rather these signings were official rather than rumours as the squad is lacking at the moment needs more.
  23. So any truth in the Bobby Linn rumour be good news is true?
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