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  1. ^^^^^^^^ Bricking it incase the h*n rats die twice in his lifetime.
  2. I enjoyed the interview too, thought it was a good listen. Tidser comes across as a very decent, honest lad. M&M told him he’d get his chance. Anyone who honestly believes he was given that chance is kidding themselves on. He was brought in away to Montrose and did very well in a 2-3 win yet was back out the team again the following week. He never kicked a ball for us again. I’m with Tidser on this. FAR too good a player to be sitting on his arse warming our bench in League 1 whilst dross like Robbie Leitch, McShane, Telfer and De Vita got game time ahead of him. No wonder he fu*ked off!
  3. Any more of your p*sh and I’ll start red dotting again... 7 from 13 in League 1 isn’t anything to shout about in my opinion.
  4. Depends which way you look at it. 1 league defeat sounds good when you’re trying to justify their record. The reality is that they’ve won only 7 league games from 13. Against the dross in this league, even with McKinnon’s team, that’s bang average.
  5. Well I think we’ve all established that the problem is the cancerous MSG, they need to sell up and leave before the Club can even think about making progress. There are fans who point blank refuse to return whilst the MSG are still involved at the Club. For these fans, that relationship is broken beyond repair. If the MSG we’re prepared to sell their shares and allow new ownership, I genuinely believe there would be investment opportunities. Others can likely back that up. But the MSG are being stubborn bast*rds as usual, thinking they know best. If verbal and online abuse isn’t enough to shift them, then the only way I can see is through empty stands. Clearly 3,500+ home gates isn’t helping that cause though. If more fans boycotting affects this summer’s playing budget then so be it. I can live with that because the long term gain will far outweigh the short term pain. Fans need to think about the bigger picture rather than just the next season. Personally, I don’t think we’re ready for promotion to the Championship anyway. Another massive rebuilding job is required if we do get promoted, so I’d gladly accept another year in League 1 if it meant new owners, new management, and everyone pulling in the same direction again. Spouting constant negativity as you put it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I get that. But for me personally, it’s my way of dealing with it and letting those in charge know that their actions will never be forgotten, or forgiven. Ps. Nae mare red dots. 🔴
  6. Aye, nice try! 😂 There was a time when a comment like that would’ve given me high blood pressure. Thankfully nowadays, I don’t feel the need to justify myself to people of your ilk. Anyone who knows a thing about me will vouch for how much Falkirk means to me. That’s the reason I won’t accept it being ran into the ground any longer!
  7. And nor fu*king should they be tasked with it, but nothing this Club does surprises me.
  8. Predictable in that I’m not part of this “BSLM” love in? I’ve had nothing positive to say about them because there is fu*k all positive to say. They should never have been appointed in the first place. It was a desperate last throw of the dice by a collective group of failures in an attempt to get the fans off their back. Unfortunately plenty have lapped it up. Also, I never said anywhere that M&M were a complete waste of a wage. I was questioning those who thought Tidser was, especially when you compare him to the dross we’ve been left with. The January transfer window was fu*king dreadful, and that’s on M&M.
  9. M&M more concerned with trying to be fu*king banter merchants and a hit with the Falkirk maws. Dumbarton did them a massive favour today, Tuesday was almost shit or bust for them. With the exception of one or two performances (Raith and Hearts), they’ve done nothing that you or I couldn’t do. The January window was a joke. And there’s folk who thought Tidser was a waste of a wage? As clueless as the 2 clowns in the dugout.
  10. Wouldn’t call any of them journeymen, other than possibly Coyle who’s still managed at a far higher level than we’re currently at. The only managers in League 1 doing “absolutely bang average” are our own. But hey, if draws with East Fife, Stranraer, Airdrie, Arbroath and last minute winners at Montrose is your thing, don’t let me rain on your parade. Thanks for your valuable contribution, “NOICE”. 👍
  11. Only in your opinion obviously... I answered your question fully. Didn’t expect you to agree with it so we’ll just leave it at that.
  12. Fair point, but I’d be very surprised if Tidser willingly walked away with buttons. Would also say it was difficult for him to make a contribution to the team when he was being frozen out for what would appear to have been non-footballing reasons. I‘ll take some convincing that he wasn’t the most talented player in the League let alone at Falkirk.
  13. I don’t recall you ever asking me that question - if you did then I’ve unknowingly missed it. It’s certainly got nothing to do with lacking bottle so wind your neck in. How long a list would you like as to who I think would’ve done a better job thus far? I’ll always maintain that I think Latapy would be a very good appointment for Falkirk but that ship has probably sailed given his location. Other names I’d have offered the job to before M&M include (in no particular order) Darren Young, Danny Lennon, James McDonaugh, Jim McIntyre, Ian Murray, Owen Coyle, Joe McLaughlin...that’s just off the top of my head. Admittedly, very few names in that list that I’d call spectacular but that is an indication of how low we’ve sunk. That’s also without considering any candidates from down South or even abroad who might have shown an interest , but as you know fine well, I’ve no way of knowing who applied so can’t answer fully.
  14. Why not do that every home game then, but without 3,500 paying to get into the Stadium? I’d be up for attending all home matches and repeating what happened on the last day of last season. I’d like to think they’d soon get the message and fu*k off!
  15. Most of the Board were never the main problem and the new Chairman will be as much of a puppet as that the last one was. Perhaps Thomson no longer being on the Board is the party line the Club are toeing, but the word is he’s still lingering around the Boardroom like a rotten fart and looking into a football strategy. God fuc*ing help us! McKinnon had to go but I’d question the ambition shown given who they replaced him with. I’m far from convinced.
  16. It makes you wonder what the value was in getting rid of Tidser. Surely it would’ve made much more sense having him as part of the squad if we’re not replacing him.
  17. The MSG. The are, and have always been, the root problem. The rest are merely puppets.
  18. The ‘like’ button does this post absolutely no justice. 👏
  19. Dear God...some people truly deserve the Club we have right now.
  20. Absolutely. If starving the Club of cash gets rid of the cancer that is the MSG then 100%. We are going nowhere under that shower of incompetent failures. For Falkirk to get back to where it belongs, with the fans, Board, owners and playing staff all singing together from the same hymn sheet, then change is an absolute must. Relationships are well and truly broken beyond repair. Talking of tedious. What I find more tedious than anything is circa 4,000 fans toddling along to home games and handing over their money to those responsible for our demise. The longer that continues, the longer our club will remain fu*ked!
  21. Aye your right. Let’s just pay our money and clap.
  22. You’re in exactly the same boat as me mate but keep fighting the good fight. I’ve got a son who’s too young to understand the politics behind why we’re no longer stepping foot in TFS or buying any merchandise from the shop. He keeps asking to go on Saturday so he can see us “play a big team for a change” and it’s an extremely sad state of affairs that I feel I have say no. I can be every bit as stubborn as p***ks like Alexander and Ritchie though and I won’t give in. It’s just unfortunate we’re making these sacrifices whilst so many others continue to cough up and let the MSG away with what they’ve done. Its also likely to be an unpopular opinion, but if you offered me League 1 football again next season but under new ownership and with a complete clear out from top to bottom, I’d snap your hand off right now. Perhaps that is what it will take for fans to finally see the bigger picture and take action.
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